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BipashaBasu reveals her new fitness secret: Zumba® classes!

India’s Bollywood fitness queen has been training in the popular dance-based fitness workout that has transformed millions of lives and made exercise fun.

Indiawide release: Zumba® Fitness, the global dance-fitness movement with a following of 15 million people in 186 countries, continues to take India by storm, attracting famous dancers and celebrities who have made the workout a part of their everyday lifestyle. In fact, India’s Bollywood fitness queen BipashaBasu has recently revealed that Zumba class is her new-found secret to staying fit! And it’s no surprise, as the program is known as ‘exercise in disguise.’

“I simply love the Zumba® program! I was first attracted to it when I heard its contagious music and rhythms and decided to take a class with renowned Zumba® Master Trainer Sucheta Pal – I was hooked! Not only is it fun but you can burn up to a 1000 calories in a single session. I have never felt this passionate about fitness–it’s all about feeling the music, enjoying the moves and allowing it to inspire you to be fitter and healthier. In fact it is not about physically transforming, the workout actually makes you smile – it’s a great emotional boost to my day and any weight loss is an added bonus,” says Bipasha.

Having posted a new video grooving to some original Zumba® beats in an exclusive session with Master Trainer Sucheta Pal, Bipasha’s smile is contagious as she rocks her moves in workout gear from Zumba’s extensive apparel line, including the newly launched ‘Rock Out’ pink leggings, available on

“’Bipasha brings high energy to everything she does. It was so exciting to have the pleasure to train her and I know she will join me in making Zumba® a lifestyle for millions of Indians who love and follow her fitness regimen every day! I even think she would make an amazing instructor! As a recent study by the University of Granada found, the Zumba program not only gets you fit, but can improve your overall quality of life, with a long-lasting impact in just a few sessions,” mentions Sucheta Pal.

The Zumba® movement has become so popular in India that it’s hard to keep up with the demand. The 60-minute calorie torching workout is a favourite among a wide range of international celebrities and, superstar artists such as Pitbull and Daddy Yankee, who have created exclusive music that can only be heard in a Zumba class. Those interested in becoming instructors can apply on and start a life changing career that improves the lives of others and has brought happiness to millions.

Watch Bipasha enjoy her Zumba® class with Sucheta on her instagram handle – @bipashabasu


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