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Grand celebration of MEDICAL JAPAN 2017 – 3rd International Medical Expo & Conference.


MEDICAL JAPAN 2017 – 3rd International Medical Expo & Conference.


MEDICAL JAPAN 2017, 3rd International Medical Expo & Conference, Japan’s only comprehensive medical event, from February 15 to 17, 2017 at INTEX Osaka, Japan. Organised by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. Supported by Union of Kansai Governments, Co-organised by Japan Hospital Associated by Japan Care Association

Medical Japan Consisted of 6 specialised shows covering the entire medical industry, MEDICAL JAPAN attracted 1,067 exhibitors from 25 countries/regions and 29,311 professionals worldwide, making this year’s event the largest-ever gathering since its launch in 2015. MEDICAL JAPAN has successfully become the best gateway to Japan, the world’s leading medical market.

Medical Japan 2017 consisting shows are:

-3rd [Hospital + Innovation] Expo Japan

-2nd Medical IT Solutions Expo

-3rd [Elderly Care + Nursing] Expo Japan (Nursing Care Japan 2017)

-7th Medical Device Development Expo Osaka-MEDIX OSAKA 2017

-3rd Regenerative Medicine Expo & Conference Japan

-3rd Int’l Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing Expo Osaka-INTERPHEX OSAKA 2017



Hospital’s executives, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, governmental officials and international organisationscelebrated the opening of the event with around 1,000 exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.

 Jun Arai, Vice Commissioner of Region-wide Industry Promotion and Vice Governor of Osaka Prefecture, said in the opening speech, “The Kansai area (where MEDICAL JAPAN was held) boasts Japan’s largest scale of home to R&D laboratories, universities and private companies in the life science field, which is called “Kansai Bio Cluster.”

We aim to drive it forward to Asia’s economic hub and gate to the world to draw business people, trends and investments from all over Asia. The successive growth of MEDICAL JAPAN is eagerly anticipated to develop the medical industry and the whole economy in Kansai and Asia.” His remark received big applause from the crowd, proving that the strong administrative support pushed MEDICAL JAPAN to the most reliable and awaited show from medical professionals in just 2 years since its launch.

Medical Japan attracted great attention inside and outside Japan, MEDICAL JAPAN 2017 gathered exhibitors from 25 countries. With a special support system for foreign exhibitors, it has successfully become their dependable entrance to the Japanese market. This year’s exhibits represented cutting-edge technologies together with the particular situation in Japan –a country with the most rapidly-aging population that is prone to frequent natural disasters. Many exhibitors became increasingly aware of the market demand to deal with the situation. This will no doubt stay in the mainstream for some years to come.

Best Gateway for International Exhibitors’ Debut in Japan

Product manufacturers & Medical device of various nationalities held booths to introduce cutting-edge ideas/technologies to the world’s leading medical market, Japan. One of the exhibitors was WILAMED GMBH from Germany, who presented an innovative respiratory humidifier, “AIRcon”, which provides ventilated patients with optimally-conditioned respiratory gas.“AIRcon” was also introduced in Intensive Care Medicine Forum and captured great attention from clinical engineers with its modern technology and fresh design. In fact, most of such international exhibitors were newcomers to Japan and even did not apply for legally-obligated medical device registration. Show Management offered them a special support, called “Matching Support with Importers,” which enabled them to find right Japanese importers/distributors to start business by arranging over 400 meetings on site. The strong support makes MEDICAL JAPAN unrivalled gateway for all foreign exhibitors who aim to achieve success in Japan.

Upcoming Medical Japan 2018 in February 21[Wed]– 23[Fri], 2018 at INTEX Osaka, JAPAN


Exhibiting Countries/Regions are:






■Hong Kong







■New Zealand



■South Korea









■Viet Nam


List of Ribbon-Cut Dignitaries       (in random order, honorifics omitted)
■ Tad Ishizumi President Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.
■Tsuneo Sakai President Japan Hospital Association
■Hiromasa Hidari President Japan Care Manager Association
■ Jun Arai Vice Commissioner,

Region-wide Industry Promotion

Vice Governor of Osaka Prefecture

Union of Kansai Governments


■Osami Takeyama Vice Commissioner, Promotion of Regional Industries

Mayor of Sakai City

Union of Kansai Governments
■Yasuyuki Yokokura Vice-Chairperson The Assembly of the Union of Kansai Governments
■Hirotoshi Nishizawa Chairman All Japan HospitalAssociation
■Shigeaki Kano Chairman Association of Japanese Healthcare Corporations
■Kimio Hemmi President Japan MunicipalHospital Association
■Yukiyoshi Matsutani Vice Chairman Japan Association of Medical and Care Facilities
■Kiyoko Okubo Vice President Japanese Nursing Association
■Shuzo Yamamoto President Medical Excellence JAPAN
■Masaji Nishimura President The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine
■Hiroshi Morimatsu Chief, Committee on Public Information The Japan Society for Clinical Anesthesia
■ Tadayuki Kawasaki Chairman Japan Association for Clinical Engineers
■Kenichi Matsumoto Chairman Japan Association of Medical Devices Industries
■Seiichi Mori Chairman Japan Association of Health Industry Distributors
■Kunihiko Suzuki Vice Chairman Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine
■Takeshi Fukuhara Chairman Osaka Hospital Association
■Hiromichi Ikuno Chairman Osaka Private Hospital Association
■ Keisho Kataoka President Shiga Prefecture Hospital Association
■Takashi Majima Chairman Shiga Private Hospital Association
■ Atsushi Imagawa Chairman Nara Hospital Association
■Sadao Kamidono President Hyogo Hospitals Association
■Takehisa Omura Vice President Hyogo Private Hospital Association
■Yoichi Yamada Vice Chairman Wakayama Hospital Association
■Hiroe Takahashi Chairwoman Osaka Nursing Association
■Hideki Muranaka Chairman Osaka Association of Clinical Engineering Technologists
■Shuji Kawai President Osaka Association ofGeriatric Health Services Facilities
■Koichi Horii Chairman Osaka Medical Equipment Society
■Minoru Kamata Honorary Director Suwa Central Hospital
■Shuichi Nakamura President Forum of Research of Healthcare andWelfare Policy
■Makoto Kikuchi President Japan Association for the Advancement ofMedical Equipment (JAAME)
■Yoshiyuki Taenaka Director, Research and Development Initiative Center National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
■Yasushi Matsumura Professor, Department of Integrated Medicine,Medical Informatics Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
■Toshiaki Masuda Managing Director, Medical Technology Division for Planning,

Development & Marketing, Research & Development Center

Nipro Corporation
■ Gyo Sagara President, Representative Director,and Chief Executive Officer Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
■Mikio Okumura President and Chief Executive Officer Sompo Care Inc.
■Helen Hwang Principal Commercial Consul U.S. Consulate General Osaka-Kobe
■Armin Siegert Head of Department for International Economic Affairs Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
■Frank Huang Chairman Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association
■Sompong Darasrisak Deputy Director Office of the Board of Investment BOI Unit for Industrial Linkage Development
■Danny Cheung General Secretary Hong Kong Elderly Commission







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