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Mango Cures in Homeopathy

by-  Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal   Senior Hoemopathy Physician

Mango is said to be the king of fruits. And yes the fruit is entering the market with a bang in summers where the chances of falling ill, getting a heat stroke and dehydration is so common. Mango is enriched with the power of Vitamin A, B and C and other components like the citric acid, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.
Mango being the source of so many vitamins and minerals is often recommended to treat many diseases. Mango is much more than a fruit. It is popularly known as “Magnifera Indica” in botanical language by the experts. There are many diseases or illness that can be treated with mango along with homeopathy. According to Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal such natural and ayurvedic remedies hold direct relation with homeopathy as they do not lead to any kind of side effects and are helpful in eliminating the root cause of that particular disease.
To name a few, they are –
☛ Cure for Diarrhoea – a well treated medicine for the ones who suffers from diarrhoea can also get cured through the intake of dried mango powder along with honey is considered best to stop the bowel infection and get back to routine appetite.
☛ Cancer – It is very lesser known that mango can be treated as a remedy for cancer too. They can be a protective shield against colon, breast, prostate and leukaemia cancers. Over the time studies have shown that magnifera indica comes along with naturally occurring chemopreventive element to fight combat against the dreadful disease.
☛ Toothache – generally people have shifted to use chemical driven toothpaste where the natural remedial element lacks and is not successful in curing the oral infection and leads to toothache in return. It is recommended to brush your teeth with burnt mango leave to avoid toothache and oral infections.
☛ Reduces cholesterol – flavonoids in mango are useful in balancing the cholesterol levels as they effectively help in reducing lipids levels and burn fat to reduce cholesterol levels in a human body.
☛ Reduces skin problems – the fruit is the king of various medicinal properties and deals with skin eruptions too like curing pores clogging and reduces pimples both ways by eating or applying directing onto the skin. It works as an excellent moisturizer and keep your skin hydrated during the summers.
☛  Improves eyesight – Rich with vitamin A beta carotene, mango cures eyesight and prevents the chances of night blindness and dryness in eyes or eye strain with prolonged working hours.
Mango cures in homeopathy works well as it does not affect its dosage and effects on the person with the medication.

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