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Fujifilm India Pvt Ltd hosts Patient education program during Breast Cancer awareness month (October) at leading Health Institutions in Mumbai

Fujifilm India Pvt Ltd, a leader in the development and application of imaging and information innovations to healthcare technologies, hosted patient education program at Tata Memorial Centre ACTREC (Advanced Centre for Treatment Research and Education in Cancer) Kharghar, Navi Mumbai and NM Medical in Mumbai to spread awareness on breast cancer and its early detection.

According to a recent report by E & Y, Less than 1% of women in India aged between 40 and 69 years participate in recommended breast screening mammograms once in 24 months, as compared to 30% in China and 65% in the US. Fujifilm India takes the initiative for Indian women to fight the battle and make the whole process less cumbersome. Fujifilm India has installed Amulet Innovality machines in different hospitals across India. In Mumbai, the machine has been installed at NM Medical and Tata Memorial centre.

The Amulet Innovality provides 50 Micron 3D image quality with advanced tomosynthesis technology that reveals the internal structure of the breast with a precision enabling the detection of those lesions that ordinarily get overlooked in a routine mammography.

Fujifilm India is organising Patient Education Programs to sensitise women and highlight the importance of breast cancer awareness and early detection. Regular breast screenings increase the chances of successfully managing and treating the disease and early detection leads to saving lives.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Yasunobu Nishiyama, Managing Director, Fujifilm India said, “Research suggests that more than 50% of breast cancer patients are diagnosed too late which makes it imperative that necessary steps are taken to identify the disease during the early stages itself because 70% of cases that are detected early can be cured. It is therefore vital for healthcare providers to step up and provide women the best early detection screening facilities that can help save lives. At Fujifilm, we are continuously innovating, creating new technologies, products and services and the AMULET INNOVALITY is one such product that has made early detection of breast cancer a reality for women all over the world.”

We came up with the idea of breast cancer education program because there is a huge apprehension amongst women about breast cancer screening hence Fujifilm believes that a lot has to be done in terms of education. This initiative intends to build awareness and encourage the patients to undergo the screening process with ease,” added Mr. Chander Shekhar Sibal, Executive Vice President & Head of Medical Division at Fujifilm India.

About Fujifilm

Fujifilm established in 1934 has believed in Innovation and creation of new values through leading edge and proprietary technologies. FUJIFILM India as a firm believer in sophistication, the company continues to work hard to provide the Indian consumer the best products and services.

Our corporate slogan is “Value from Innovation.”
Along with expressing Fujifilm’s commitment to continuously creating innovative technologies, products and services that empower the potential and expand the horizons of tomorrow’s businesses and lifestyles, the slogan also encapsulates the company’s desire to combine our own original technology with human resources, expertise and technology from around the world both internally and externally to create innovation. A new brand statement has also been created to articulate these commitments more specifically, and the slogan encapsulates the main points of the brand statement.

Our Goal is to be a company that is able to resolve a diverse variety of the problems that face society, contribute to the world through the continuous creation of value – added products and services, and achieve sustainable growth through constant innovation. That was the commitment we made to the world when we launched our new corporate slogan “Value from Innovation”

We quickly ascertain customer needs, and communicate these clearly and accurately to those involved in product development.  Instant camera – instax is successful example of this in Photo Imaging business which was developed after accurately assessing market demands and with all related business divisions working together throughout the entire process from production to sales on a worldwide scale.

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