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We have started many courses of certification to diploma level here but my personnel & special focus on knowing Diagnostic sector requirements and according of that we trained the people.

Tell us about your achievement & professional background?

I have started my professional journey way back in Yr.2000 & now working with SIPL since Yr. 2002. I grow up professionally as well as technically with SIPL. As we hold 60% market share in West Delhi, 50 % Central, 30% South & East Delhi. In NCR we have 20% market share. More than 60 branches & 600 plus employees we have with most advance machines & fully automated Labs. Every year our productivity & efficiency are increasing by a factor of 0.4.I am not hesitant to say that presently we are one of the three top Diagnostic labs in Delhi NCR region. My professional expertise help our company to achieve this market position. For this hard work my company as well as industry felicitated me many times, AIIMS & CIMS etc. are few of them, those have recognised my work.

With having Masters in Radiation Technology & Management degrees, my urge for academics and R&D not stopped yet. I have published many research papers & also presented them in various seminars and conferences like in IIT’s, AIIMS & XLRI etc.

I have successfully implemented many marketing methodologies, which are the now the part of many management courses. Now with our own Para Medical education institute i.e SETI, I am grooming here many new professionals for this industry.

What are the latest in research & development done by you & your team in SIPL?

Our research & development teams work in two research front, one at our products & services and second one on our way of delivering these products & services to its stakeholders. We have done highest number of MR Iron studies in India which help to detect many Iron or blood related problems or deficiencies, in a same way we are focussing onto develop a product to serve Cardio & other disease related patients.

Our team has designed many cost effective & highest quality standards based products and we have also getting success in making them famous among the common people. We designed a delivery system which made possible of delivering many highly advanced & sophisticated technologically based products at very reasonable prices.

Our service & product feedback system is one of the finest combinations of technology and human acumen. On developing these kinds of system & products, lots of experience & dedication needed & we are fortunate to develop a strong in house R&D team for this purpose.

With present days need, we are working to transform us in complete digital & electronic form, so that the concept of Digital India can be realized. We made our labs paper or film less & successfully achieved the concept of “green”. We are succeed to provide or patients an electronic platform through which they can contact us or keep their records safe etc. Due to our R&D we are 24 X 7 X 365 days with our patients for serving them.

What is your strategy to promote medical education specialty in Diagnostic sector?

As by my personnel interest in academics, I always have a special focus over developing strong & well trained subordinate work force. So, that we have started our Para Medical Training Institute with the name of SETI (i.e. Star Education & Training Institute), where we trained people in such a way that, they will be fit for the industry from day one.

We have started many courses of certification to diploma level here but my personnel & special focus on knowing Diagnostic sector requirements and according of that we trained the people. Here we have all kind of Diagnostic courses & then subsequent industrial training facilities.

Through our educational institutes as well as lab, we organised many educational awareness programs about diagnostic education. We tried and even getting successful to convince people about diagnostic sector’s ample job or business opportunities. A new wave these days blowing in India about Skill development & we are trying to make maximum people skill full.

What are your future plans?

  • Make highly advanced Diagnostic services cost effective for everyone
  • Make our Pan India & world presence physically as well as electronically
  • Establish Para medical qualifications & courses equivalent to other medical & technical courses with establishing a industrial collaborations with all the technology big brands like, Philips, Siemens etc.
  • Promote maximum R&D activities in designing new test based kits
  • Provide maximum & better services to old people, kids & women in routine time as well as by arranging community service camps
  • Make whole pathology & diagnostic industry more transparent & sensitive towards society & general public.

How you see radiology\imaging & diagnostic industry?

These all are the integral part of whole healthcare industry & any medical treatment or preparation of any treatment cannot be started without helping of these above mentioned industrial segments. This industrial part made entire healthcare system more meaningful & accurate. It has provided a more degree of freedom to our doctors to perform their task more accurate & precise.

General public also getting more vigilant about their health by getting proper explanations of their medical or physiological conditions through their medical reports on a proper way only because of this part of the industry.

But still cost of these services is very high in respect of the purchasing capacity of a common citizen. But by the concept of “Made in India” & other govt.’s new initiatives, in coming time these prices will surely go down & rigorous quality rules will enhance the service quality. Self regulation & govt. regulation will increase the transparency here & more advance and responsive system will be guiding this segment. New updated technologies day by day making this industry more enriched in comparision than others. In a global research, only in health sector new researches are happening & specially in Diagnostic field, this news clearly indicating about a better tomorrow for this industrial part.

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