Taiwan Responds to Global Surgery Initiative, and Leads Internationally by “Training the trainers” in highly-specialized surgical field

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Taiwan Responds to Global Surgery Initiative, and Leads Internationally by “Training the trainers” in highly-specialized surgical field

Taiwan’s leadership in reconstructive microsurgery. and in cultivating renowned reconstructive surgeons globally is an asset of Taiwan, and invaluable domestically and internationally. This consolidates Taiwan’s leadership in medical sciences. spreads Taiwan’s ideal values of humanitarianism. helps Taiwan’s government to foster diplomatic ties with other nations. promotes overseas Taiwanese descents in medical professions. and advocates Taiwan’s higher education (PhD & MSc.).

Reconstructive microsurgery is a highly specialized subspecialty that utilizes autologous or allo tissue to restore human dignity after cancer, trauma, and congenital deformities. It requires competent surgical training, and sophisticated tools such as operating microscope. and broad scientific knowledge. Reconstructive microsurgery is life saving and enhancing. and resources conserving.

Taiwan’s international fellowship programs in reconstructive microsurgery are deeply rooted in the medical system since 1990s, internationally-renowned in teaching surgical competency, critical thinking, leadership, mentorship. and philanthropy, and constantly evolving as now combine master degree in science with clinical fellowship. Taiwan’s innovative and pioneering surgeons, supportive national institutes and affordable high-quality national insurance, team collaboration, and strong humanitarians drive and a culture of giving back have made Taiwan “mecca’ of training the trainer.

Two training pathways exist, the most important of them is to train surgeons to become trainers themselves by becoming surgically competent and capable of provide good surgical care to their people, and then desiring and qualified to TRAIN other surgical colleagues, and spread the giving back philosophy learned in Taiwan.

Since 1985, hundreds have been trained from advanced countries, underdeveloped countries, and those ravaged by war. The majority of Taiwan’s graduates now hold leading positions in their home countries or internationally, and all of them act as indirect ambassadors to Taiwan, spreading love, giving back, and cherishing freedom.

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