What about the brain?

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What about  the brain?

Anil K Srivastava, Director – Sales and Marketing , Medical Equipment, Nihon Kohden India

Up to now understanding continuous EEG in ICU was associated with resource demanding electrode placement. Nihon Kohden is proud to launch and present to the world AE-120A EEG Headset – fast, easy, wireless, continuous EEG for critical care.
To get more insights of the brain the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) strongly recommends the use of EEG monitoring in critically ill patients. Also, the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) advises the use of cEEG for detection and monitoring in ICU patients following cardiac arrest, as 1/3 of patients who remain comatose suffer from seizures.
We are hopeful that Nihon Kohden AE-120A EEG Headset will help ER and ICU clinicians to diagnosethe most demanding organ, the Brain

Clinicians monitor many vital parameters which reflect the status of the heart and respiration to ensure a good perfusion. But what about the most demanding organ,the brain? Why does the patient not clearly wake up? Why is the patient unconscious?
The importance of EEG parameter in Critical Care has been acknowledged globally. Nihon Kohden presents brand new technology for Emergency room /ICU to start quick & simple EEG monitoring.
The AE-120A EEG Headset developed for quick and easy continuous EEG monitoring. One of the difficulties of performing EEG monitoring in ER/ICU is that very few physicians can apply 10-20 EEG electrodes to the correct positions on a patient’s head and it’s associated with resource demanding electrode placement. The AE-120A EEG Headset could be a solution for these problems. Anyone can apply EEG Headset with simple steps in ER/ICU without the knowledge of EEG electrode placements technic.
The headset’s flexible design allows electrodes to be positioned correctly simply by placing the pad on the patient’s forehead. Disposable electrodes enable quick application without needing to prepare attachment sites first, as needed in conventional EEG.
EEG head set AE-120A is equipped with ‘Active amplifier’. ‘Active amplifier’ makes artifact from environment and body movement less. Since artifact on EEG waveforms is a big headache in ICU.
EEG measurement data can be transmitted wirelessly using Bluetooth, which enables EEG to be measured in an ER/ICU without adding to the number of medical devices surrounding the patient.
Nihon Kohden is proud to announce that the AE-120A EEG Headset (CerebAir) – a telemetry EEG amplifier designed at its Advanced Technology Center in Tokorozawa, Japan – received the Red Dot Product Design Award in the category “Life sciences and medicine”.

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