About Us

Advance Media Group is the parent organization which publishes Medgate Today Magazine which particularly caters the Health fraternity in India and across the world.

The whole Idea and entire concept of this magazine is to educate 1.2 billion population which is indeed a very much daunting task but Advance media group has taken the initiative and taken Health as an importance issue for India because the subject of health in India is of massive importance and in order to educate this Asian melting pot where people of different descents and cultures are living together and making it an extremely diverse nation.

Medgate Today Magazine which is an entirely health centric magazine has recognized the need of creating awareness in India amongst the least informed section of society where health education has been ignored due to lack of resources and the aim of Medgate Today Magazine is to reach those outlets which can really influence the minds of the patients and can provide them effective information and guidance which can help patients in their respective decisions concerned with health.

Medgate Today is one of the leading International Magazine of Healthcare, which is having a very strong presence in Asia . Headquartered in India and having a pan India presence on a larger scale, Medgate Today caters the Doctors and Hospitals in Asia. It is a unique platform catering to diverse health & lifestyle sectors (ranging from health writers, doctors, hospitals, pharma companies, domestic, Medical & Dental colleges, hospital, doctor, Diagnostic center, Physiotherapy, Ayurveda, nature & Yoga, Homeopathy, Bio-Medical equipment industry, including the medical professionals. Corporate Houses, Retailers & Dealers & like) in providing the latest updates in the world of medicine, health, fitness & well-being and segments of lifestyle as well.

Medgate Today is acting as a bridge in the Healthcare arena and this media organization is very much centric to objectivity and reports without any prejudice approach on healthcare issues in India and abroad therefore maintaining the code of ethics and standards of healthcare journalism.

Access of Medgate Today

In this Contemporary world, technology is a crucial part of our day to day lives and being a media organization Medgate Today has made the access very easy for the target audience in India and abroad, because it is universally accessible around the world with the help of world wide web where one can read the magazine online and also there is a mobile application both for android and IPhone where people can read the full magazine without any charge.

Medgate and Medical Tourism

Medgate Today also focuses on Medical tourism and maintaining the medical statistics is not an easy task, so therefore in that capacity Medgate Today is having ties with various agents and medical tours operators in India and abroad who provides substantial well researched informative medical data which is been used by Medgate for educating the Healthcare lobby in India like Hospitals and doctors who gets the update on Health issues. So Medgate Today acts as a window to the medical fraternity in India who brings in the latest information, trends and technology update from the west and empowers Health Industry with the vast knowledge. Medgate Today works 24X7 for maintaining the international standards of the Magazine and therefore covers every aspect of Healthcare in detail in its best capacity.



Medgate today understands the growing concern of the society presently and is very keen to bring the subject of health at the top in every agenda which decides the future of the nation. A healthy nation can give upcoming generations a better tomorrow than today.

Medgate magazine aims to educate the masses and the classes therefore would be reaching to every nook and corner of the country where people are deprived from healthcare information and innovations. Advance media group has envisaged the vision for upcoming years which would be ensuring the increase in the health budget as India currently spends only 1 percent of GDP on health. Medgate Today magazine would be keeping the health problems at the forefront and would be pushing the issues of health in the political lobby.


The mission of Medgate Today magazine is to make Health a nationwide subject and to unite

the organizations who can really make a difference in the healthcare system of our country. Medgate aims to develop a platform as a Voice of Healthcare which would be raising the voice in order to on behalf of the entire healthcare fraternity in order to bring the change.

Quality Policy

Advance media group strives to meet or exceed customer stated or implied needs .As content is the soul of the magazine, Medgate Today is very much focused on maintaining the quality of information and journalistic standards therefore promises to deliver quality customer service keeping affordability and accessibility as a prime consideration for the target audience



75% Doctor’s,Hospital, Purchase dept. CEO’s,Diagnostics,Healthcare Architects & Consultants

(Area Covered UAE, KSA, Qatar, India- Malasiya,Bangladesh,Singapore,Indonesia)

5% Domestic user’s

15% Retailers & dealers.

5% other’s

Total Circulation          :              90,000

Total Readership          :             About  500,000

Online  : E-magazine    :             10,0000

Iphone/ipad/android    :              5000