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Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to people traveling abroad to obtain medical treatment. In the past, this usually referred to those who traveled from less-developed countries to major medical centers in highly developed countries for treatment unavailable at home.

Pandemic as world has faced so far , is entering another phase ie Pandemic 2.0 or commonly known as second wave of Pandemic after almost an year of its maiden occurence. While preparations are on for vaccine discovery and delivery , it is also high time to retrospect and introspect. Our and global Lockdown measures have been proved economic knockdown too. Thus Pandemic 2.0 also negates the very idea of lockdown world over.

Writng on wall is very clear , pandemic is here to stay for long and we need to adopt ourselves with this neo-variable. Healthcare sector is a hope to negotiate and navigate  with neo variable. This sector  needs to adopt itself and restart under the industry leadership with government support.

The  government’s pandemic packages have  been having  huge bearing on exchequer , there is urgent need  to replenish fast depleting   resources without employing much resources to generate more resources. Medical Tourism fits  the bill if meticulously and strategically executed. Let us not allow Pandemic to  revert the progress on revolutionary concept of  global parient centerity and mobility . A relatively and  statistically better pandemic management by India with great support from medical fraternity and industry has indeed  revived  hope of patients who have been looking forward to cost effective treatment in India in pandemic times for many months. Pandemic induced Medical Tourism prospects  are quite potential due to ready healthcare infrastructure and  clinical &  industry’s professional  excellence. If a  major concern of Pandemic

logistics could be addressed properly, Medical Tourism would fetch India much needed forex and revenue. Pandemic induced adaptability is also about survival of fittest , fastest and smartest. Last but not the least ,  India and healthcare industry need to rise and ride over  pandemic challanges in Medical Tourism and showcase its leadership in crisis management.


World is indeed looking forward to  us  for more solutions beyond malaria drugs   !