4th Generation Surgeon in Service of Nation

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4th Generation Surgeon in Service of Nation

I strongly believe that there is a huge scope for colloborative working of the medical professionals with the management gurus.
This is the only way to provide quality healthcare to the cross-section of our society.

Dr. Marya’s areas of specialization includes Joint Replacement Surgery for the joints of upper and lower limbs (Primary and Revision) and Trauma Management based on AO Principles. He has also undergone specialized training in these from several institutes abroad. The centers of major learning for him have been Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Centre Chicago, Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, Charnley Hip Centre Wrightington (England) and Kantonspittal Chur (Switzerland), Napean Joint Replacement Centre (Australia), Motol University Hospital (Czech Republic).and Ospedale San Pietro, Rome (Italy). Till date, he has conducted over 15,000 Joint Replacement Surgeries, including over 3,000 Simultaneous Knee Replacement Surgeries (Bilateral Total Knee Replacements).

Academic And Professional Details
✓ President Arthroplasty Society in Asia
✓ President India and SAARC : International Congress of Joint Reconstruction
✓ Permanent Board Member Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society
✓ Permanent Faculty AO Switzerland (AORECON)
✓ Member American Association of Hip & Knee Surgeons
Previous Responsibilities
✓ President Indian Orthopaedic Association(2013)
✓ President Indian Arthroplasty Association (2011-2012)
✓ President Indian Society of Hip and Knee Surgeons (2011-2012):
✓ Vice President, Indian Orthopaedic Association. (2007)
✓ President North Zone Indian Orthopaedic Association.
✓ President Delhi Orthopaedic Association

International Appointments:
✓ Chairman Knee Arthroplasty SICOT (International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology)
✓ Vice President OASAC (Orthopaedic Association of SAARC Countries)
✓ Vice President, Indo-German Orthopaedic Foundation.
✓ Chairman AO council India–Fellowships & knowledge management.(2007-09)

Reason to Join Profession
I was born in a family of serial surgeons i.e. my great grandfather Dr. B. S. Marya (General Surgeon), my grandfather Col. R. S. Marya (Eye surgeon) and my father Dr. S.K.S. Marya, Sr. (Urologist) had all been my motivation and role models and an inspiration to join this wonderful profession.

Early Challenges
Less than a week short off my medial entrance examination, I met with a motorcycle accident and almost thought that I had missed the bus to join the competitive medical field and once I was selected for the medical profession having secured the 4th position in the university, I have been able to fulfill my dreams to a large extent.

Professional Highs
Being awarded best graduate MBBS at medical college with a record score in 1980.
Being adjudged as the best Post graduate at PGIMER, Chandigarh.
Being awarded FRCS fellowship by the Royal College of Surgeon of England and the degree of Doctor of Science (D. Sc), Honoris Causa by the Amity University, Uttar Pradesh.
Most importantly, being asked to treat the President and the Prime Minister of India in the same breath as the most common and economically challenged persons of our nation.
Management Thought
I strongly believe that there is a huge scope for collective working of the medical professionals with the management Gurus. This is the only way to provide quality healthcare to the cross-section of our society.
This could lead the way to have a healthy happy nation which in turn would see our country prosper.

Healthcare Vision
(Man Vs Machine Harmonization)
While the machines and technology are fast taking over the delivery of modern and quality healthcare one must not forget that machines do not have emotions and cannot deliver empathy to a sick person. There is something to be said for the patient doctor relationship of yester years. So a harmonization of both is extremely essential for delivery of modern, accurate, tender loving care for the unwell.

As earlier stated, I was inspired by my forefathers. We have been blessed to have continuous line of surgeons in our family.
My great grandfather performed his first surgery in 1891 and by grace of God our son Shivan Marya is performing his surgical call of duty in the UK as a spine surgeon. Seeing your patients in a pain free physical and mental state is the highest order of inspiration.

Family Details
I am pleased to have my parents Dr. Sarwan Marya and mother Mrs. Urmila Marya blessing us every morning. We are uniquely blessed to have parents in law Mr. Devender Nath Nanda and Mrs. Neelam Nanda also living nearby and providing strength to us.
My wife Mrs. Mohini Marya has been a teacher and enjoys her profession and relationships with her colleagues and students.
Our older son Shivan Marya is now developing a carrier in spine surgery in England and I hope he enjoys the profession as much as four generations before him.
Shivan’s wife Yasodhara is a specialist in Dermatology with the NHS in UK and is pursuing further specialization in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery.
Finally my younger son Saman Marya who graduated from the Law School, New Delhi has chosen to pursue his dreams as a film maker. He brings a lot of joy and entertainment and creativity into our lives.

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