Age does matter for ART

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Age does matter for ART

IVF at advanced ages come with risks of pregnancy loss, fetal anomalies, stillbirth, and obstetric complications. ART procedure at an advanced age is also associated with medical co morbidities in mother due to increasing maternal age like hypertension, diabetes and heart problem. It poses risks to both mother and child.

Mindless utilization of infertility treatment would not help the sector. However several clinics are always tempted to discard of age factors. Below 18 years and above the age of 45 years ART would pose several complications. Even if the new regulation permits it up to the age of 50, we should strict it to the age of 40 only. It is a proven fact that women are most fertile between the ages of 15 and 30.

There is a need to have rational rules, regulations, and protocols in place to ensure that a patients’ material (egg, sperm, embryo) are matched-up to the correct patient, It is important to preserve the patient materials by properly labeling them with patient details including the name of the patient, spouse’s name, age of the patient,
date of freezing, patient registration number and correct labeling of all the disposables used during IVF procedure.


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