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An Inside Look at Knee Replacement Surgery

I would vote for the bill that levies tax on garbage generation as environmental aspect of health has not been duly addressed to and pursued. Healthcare Economics is inseparable from Environmental Dynamics. Dr. Ishwar Bohra is a

I would vote for the bill that levies tax on garbage generation as environmental aspect of health has not been duly addressed to and pursued. Healthcare Economics is inseparable from Environmental Dynamics.

Dr. Ishwar Bohra is a Senior Orthopaedic Consultant with vast experience in Knee and Hip Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine. His inclination is in joint preservation and joint replacement surgeries. Dr. Bohra, primary area of interest and research is knee, shoulder and hip diseases.

Academic & Professionals Details
He is an alumnus of prestigious Rajasthan Medical University Jaipur. He has worked in the premier post graduate institute of medical sciences, Bombay Hospital, Mumbai in Joint replacement unit.
Fellowship in Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine (FASM)
(Quiron Hospital, Barcelona,Spain)
Fellowship in Knee Replacement and Arthroscopic surgery
(University of North Tee &Hartlepool ,NHS,UK)
Fellowship in Upper limb Surgery (shoulder &Elbow surgery)
(Upper Limb Unit , University Hospital of Aberdeen,(Scotland,UK)
Fellowship in Joint Replacement Surgery
( Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Center , Exeter, England.)
Fellowship in Revision Joint Replacement Surgery
(Endo Clinic,Hamburg,Germany)
Fellowship in Joint replacement & Arthroscopy
(Sancheti Institute of Orthopaedics, Pune, India)
Earlier he worked as a Spine Consultant with Jaipur Golden Hospital, Rohini, New Delhi; and specializes in degenerative spine surgeries, including minimally invasive fixation and fusion and disc replacement.
Currently as Senior Consultant, Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy with BLK Super Specialty Hospital, Pusa Road, New Delhi.

Reason for Joining
Who doesn’t have a dream and same applied to Dr. Bohra. As a child he had a dream to become a movie director which was embedded in him by his singer friend. In his school days one of his best teachers motivated him to become a surgeon and took promises from him to deliver pain free mobility and healthy life for his patients. That was the time the flip took place and It got fixed in his mind that even without money you can do the charity and give some contentment to anyone by this profession. Another reason for joining is that in this noble profession you can work life long in different forms of human being and you can serve humanity to relieve suffering that’s what his beliefs anchored in.

Early Challenges
To acclimatize with new atmosphere and live apart from family in a medical college was the Initial challenge. Then to get in post-graduation was fairly challenging owing to tough competition and limited seats. As the campus placement concept is not there in medicine, hence the real challenges started after masters to get a good placement.

Professional High
To cure and give painless mobile life to a person in need, is Dr. Bohra’s expertise. As he says in the practice, there are many occasions which give extreme sentimental moments to him and his patients where they feel really unexpectedly happy with the best result and embrace him or take my picture and send him back the framed memories.
He is a national faculty for many conferences, workshops. He has organized various seminars and symposiums. He has presented many papers in national and international conferences. Several published articles in journals and magazines and print media have been written by him. He has been recipient of many awards and honours for his professional excellence.

Management Thought
Balanced life is a key factor and prioritization of professional and personal life commitments must be focussed on and best managed. Failure at any front needs introspection of life to get back. Managing work pressure and performance really needs a lot of groundwork to deliver best out of you. To sustain a position once achieved is also a great challenge and needs presentation and relationship management. In any trade, we need to keep well synchronized employer-employee responsibilities.

Healthcare Vision:
Technology is advancing faster than ever. Machines are displacing drudgery of human life. Modern medicine is not spare of advanced technology in diagnostics and treatment. Medical Professionals’ skills, knowledge & experience need to align with machines’ technological advances. They have to learn new skills and technology for betterment of human life. The Computers, Navigation tools, Robots, Automated Real Time Scanners, Information Technology software for diagnosis and treatment, etc. are day to day part of 21st century medicine.
We as a healthcare professionals need to learn harmony with machines to deliver better productivity, economical and more rapidly health services. Artificial intelligence would be great useful tool in future medicine. We must also have an eye on the darker side of technology and constant analysis to avoid any unforeseen damage to mankind.

The encouragement is very basic like, struggling mother for her child treatment in rural areas, latent arthritic struggling for mobility, treated patient by myself and meeting them inspire to do more for many. I keep on drawing my eternal inspiration from the cause of serving humanity.

Family details & Photos
I think I have a valuable story to share with others, a story about perseverance, sacrifice, and joy & that is about my family. I come from a traditional Rajasthani family, who knows the value of togetherness. Being from a joint family, at times I am called an “Old head on young shoulders” which has led me to realize that adaptability is a necessary skill set in an organised structure of any kind.
My father is retired Professor, whereas my mother loves to take care of all of us. Dr. Parinita who is a Radiologist by profession from last fifteen years has taken a charge of my life line and my home; together we are blessed with 2 lovely children Master Anirudh,9years and Baby Aradhya,
3 years.

My Top most priorities If I were a health minister
As a doctor by profession I cure many individuals from all nooks and corners and every time I think who can assure the health of more than a billion populations. Healthcare should be a fundamental right for everyone and there is no reason we cannot provide. Every citizen should be covered under public primary healthcare Insurance. I would also ensure that nursing mothers get access to nutritious food throughout the time they are nursing.
Standardization of medical education, treatment cost, and infrastructure all over nation is the most important part of the agenda to start with. Uniformity of education training and facilities will redistribute physician availability in remote areas as well, and by doing this I am confident that this will stop brain drain out of country and migration of doctors and patients both towards metro city.


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