Artificial Limbs Increasing the Movability for Physically Disabled People

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Artificial Limbs Increasing the Movability for Physically Disabled People

Technological innovation has increased the capacity of medical treatment especially in cases related to physical disability that are fixed by using prosthetic body part. Stats given by National Limb Loss Information Center for the U.S., states that more than a million people have limb loss. The use of artificial limb is done when a certain body part is missing or is not working properly. The main reason responsible for amputation is cancer, trauma, vascular complication (diabetes), and circulation problems.

Advanced technology devices has helped in improving condition of people suffering from deformity through artificial limb prosthetic devices. The prosthetic devices are made of silicone, urethanes, and mineral based liners that are flexible and comfortable to use as compared with the conventional material as hard plastic or wood. Furthermore, the use of carbon fiber prosthetic helps the wearer to perform strenuous task such as marathons, triathlons, sky diving, and swimming. The use of advanced material for making prosthetics has an additional quality known as memory, which allows the wearer to respond according to varying degrees of pressure.

Artificial limb prosthetics has benefitted a huge number of people based on:

· Artificial limb prosthetics with technological advancement with digital and robotic capabilities that are efficient enough to store data related to limb movement, which can be analyzed by the physician afterwards and can proved better treatment as per the movement.

· Additionally, prosthetic limbs made with integrated circuits that rea capable of accessing movement through electrical impulses in the body will be high effective and acknowledged for the efficiency. Moreover, neuronal impulse by brain collected by computerized limb collectively making direct movement is expected to positively grow the market for in coming years. The advanced computerized limbs will also help in improving its patients and enhancing their abilities.

· As per geography, North America is leading the market due to innovative technology that is improving artificial limbs devices. Furthermore, constant research and development are also advancing in making newer and effective prosthetic devices. North America is followed by Europe, where the use of prosthetic devices are high used.

· Owing to higher demand for artificial limbs in emerging economies is drawing attention of companies working in the artificial limbs market. Additionally, growing income base, high customer base, and wider acceptance and awareness for prosthetics devices has grown immensely in recent times.

· The artificial limbs market has also addressed to overcome the limitation faced by mechanical assistance devices. As the mechanical assistance devices are restricts the movement of limbs and comparatively expensive than artificial limbs, thus making artificial limb more connected and usable for the patients. The adoption of newer technologies, use of appropriate material through constant research will grow the market for artificial limbs in the coming years.



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