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DR MONICA B. SOOD: Marrying indigenous with wisdom cutting edge knowhow

Learn to light candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest meaning.   What was your rationale behind your career move? Success doesn’t come

Learn to light candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest meaning.


What was your rationale behind your career move?
Success doesn’t come easy and is never final. Rather the courage to continue despite every obstacle is what counts. Inspiration is a perception that leads to the journey of success, which passes through the road of hardships, sacrifice, dedication and failure. My father was my mentor and he planted the seed of serving humanity in me at the age of five. I’m blessed to be born in a family of scholars and scientists and started taking interest in herbs, plants and medicines from my childhood. I perceived and ascertained every little detail of herbs and minerals and their concoctions. Now I get inspired at every step of my life, alleviating the pain and suffering of ailing people motivates me tremendously.
Why do you feel innovation is the key to differentiation?
Innovation has always been consistent in the field of medicine, but the exponential growth in devising new medicines has taken place swiftly during these challenging times of Covid 19. The health-care system is playing a substantial role and is key to differentiation. Medicine is a living science that glorifies itself on ceaseless discoveries in every system. I believe that the rampant global crises is likely far from over and we must emerge to the challenges presented by Covid 19.
What are your Leadership inventiveness and Business innovations?
I am a leader with a vision to heal every person I come across, to read about the unknown and find solutions. I became the youngest CEO of Navjivan Health Service. Navjivan was the first to promote the Ayurvedic System of medicine to other countries, demonstrating the diversity possessed by this company. NAVJIVAN, which defines “New Life”, undoubtedly has restored new life into the people suffering from various deadly diseases worldwide.
Being a Chairperson of the ‘National Unity & Security Council’, I’m devoted to the patriotic mission of revitalising the economy, apart from my socio-cultural activities for promoting solidarity and national coherence in India.
Describe yourself as a leader and share the uniqueness about your leadership style.
Charismatic leadership style coupled with sense of humility, compassion, substance and ideal communication with perspectives of my team mates. This style is very important for me to stabilize my company as it doesn’t only need a leader but also teammates that can balance it. Clearly, I am a multi-tasker leader with a motivated spirit. Not only achievements but failures too, are learning experiences for my growth. I believe that there is no experience that goes to waste, as all of them are to be learned from. Something distinctive about me is that I try to find knowledge in each achievement.
Do you stand by the fact that a strong team is important for a brand to grow?
Yes, a strong team is definitely important for a brand to grow as a tree is only as strong as its roots. A leader must make sure that the core of their institution is empowered, healthy and inspired, as these are driving forces for an efficient workforce. It is imperative to support and inspire those working with you as without them the company might as well not exist.
What is your long and short term vision for the future growth of your company?
In terms of my company’s future objectives, I believe that in the coming years I would like to improve the organization’s research methodology and create more opportunities for young people to thrive, especially in times of impending epidemics. I am determined to heal people and eliminate diseases which are said to be incurable with the help of my research in herbology and innovations.
My long term goal is to educate people as much as I can. With the expeditious growth in technology and looming threat of contagions, it is important to have an open mind and to be open to treating individuals naturally.
How important is corporate social responsibility for your company?
Corporate social responsibility has become phraseology in recent years, when a company contributes to the objective associated with social activism, it is subsuming corporate responsibility. It encompasses that how our practices impact marginalised groups, the environment, and society as whole. Incentivizing volunteer work, setting up charitable funds and revising ethical guidelines to go above and beyond and also play an integral role in serving people. Navjivan is transforming lives by helping the downtrodden and deprived sections to build a better future and healthier tomorrow.
What all you have gained towards economic responsibility and how you have contributed to the growth and implemented the strategies during COVID 19 ?
Being a Chairperson of the National Unity and Security Council, which has shaped my personality to a large extent. My socio-cultural initiatives for building unity and national cohesion in India are a result of my varied role in medical, entrepreneurship, and political dimensions. I’m dedicated to the patriotic objective of revitalising the country’s economy by proposing desperately needed reforms to the government and advocating new policies and programmes that will lead to wholesome changes in socio-economic infrastructure while working for world peace. Strategies employed during COVID-19 were: Introduction and launch of immunity boosters on our treatments panel, raising awareness on social media and researching perennially and evolving new herbal medicines to combat the present crisis and impending epidemics, and concurrently keeping myself streamlined with ongoing research in field of medicine worldwide.
There is a lot happening in the country, as a responsible healthcare start-up/organization, where do you feel the country is going?
India has faced immense challenges in the last few months, mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a responsible healthcare organization, we strongly believe that India’s healthcare system has been overburdened in the past year, with doctors facing high levels of mental and physical burnout as the disparity between the number of patients to the number of doctors is huge. Another major issue that was faced by the health care industry was the shortage of oxygen cylinders and hospital beds. We feel that one of the ways to curb this, is to make sure that all private and government healthcare institutes have their own oxygen generation plants, to make them self-sustaining in case of any such healthcare crisis.
With such rapid, continual advances in technology, how do you ensure staying updated?

We have a highly experienced tech team that is constantly updating and upgrading our machinery and database simultaneously to ensure that we are always at the forefront of our field of work.
What kind of research and development do you go through to match the pace of the market?
We are constantly evaluating and assessing the ever changing requirements of people by running periodic surveys and market assessments to guarantee that our patients always get the best as they deserve only the best from us.

Dr. Monica B. Sood is a qualified Physician in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery, Masters in Business Administration – Human Resources, International Business and Law. She recently completed a course in Cancer Metastasis from John Hopkins University, USA and Thoracic Oncology from Michigan University.
Dr. Monica has recently been accorded with Woman of Excellence Award 2020 – 2021 by Indian Achievers Forum, Outstanding & Remarkable Contribution to the Health Sector (Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery)-XEL Global Healthcare Awards 2021. She was also featured by Forbes for her efforts in serving humanity and nominated by Global Excellence Awards for best Treatments AND Healthcare.


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