Dr. Tetali Dasaradha Rama Reddy

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Dr. Tetali Dasaradha Rama Reddy

Always a keen learner and innovative he initially was employed at a Govt Hospital
which then had poor infrastructure. Only after his moving to Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) Hyderabad he had professional satisfaction.

Academic & Professional Details
Formerly Asst. Professor, Dept of Orthopedics, Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Hyderabad.(1994-2000)
Currently Professor and Head of Orthopedics, Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital, SomajiGuda, Hyderabad
Specialised in Complex Trauma, Artho Plasty, Reconstructive surgery in Ballistic Injuries/ Industrial Trauma.
Specialised in Spine Surgeries and advanced Sports Medicine

Reason for join Profession
Dr TDR’s father, Sri Narayana Reddy met with a fatal road accident when Dr.TDR was just 3 years old. Lack of proper and timely medical assistance was responsible for Sri Narayana Reddy’s untimely death. This triggered a thought in Dr TDR’s mother, Smt Achhiamma and she was determined to save the village and surroundings from such unfortunate situations. She encouraged her youngest son, Dasaradha Rama Reddy (DrTDR) and many in the family to be doctors.
Today the Tetali family (Tetali is family name of Dr Tetali Dasaradha Rama Reddy) can boast of 17 Doctors specialised in different fields.
Narayana Eye Hospital established at their village (Anaparti) by Tetali family, is a leading EYE Hospital in South India having performed over 2 Lakh Cataract Surgeries at their 150 bedded hospital.

Primarily Social Service.Conducting Medical Camps, Visiting Old age Homes, Orphanages and destitute homes.
Visits home village twice a month and renders FREE service to the poor. People from neighboring villages look forward to Dr. TDR’s visits.

Initial Challenges
Having lost father at a tender age of 3 years Dr TDR was a member of a very large family and his mother who herself was very young had to steer the family out of tough situations. Dr TDR faced many challenges in his pursuit to becoming a doctor. He credits his mother for inspiring him to be a Doctor which he repaid to her with a GOLD MEDAL in M.S.
Always a keen learner and innovative he initially was employed at a Govt Hospital which then had poor infrastructure. Only after his moving to Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) Hyderabad he had professional satisfaction.

Professional Highs
In recognition of his skills and service orientation Dr TDR has received the following notable recognitions among many others.
Dr. TDR has to his credit over 30,000 surgeries spanning over 24 years. Dr. TDR considers this as a very satisfying element of his professional career.
◆ Economics Times ‘Inspiring Doctor of India’ (2018) in his field of specialization. Awards presented by Shri AK Chowbey, Minister of State for Health and Family Care, Govt of India.
In forefront of Rescue operations
◆ Being specialised in Trauma care and being service oriented Dr TDR has been in the forefront in saving at least 20 lives during the Bomb blast in Hyderabad in 2013.
◆ During the 2014 train accident about 20 Children who were facing death were rescued by the medical team led by Dr TDR.
◆ Dr TDR also been instrumental in saving lives of or from permanent disability several personnel of Grey hounds, COBRA, CRPF, Octopus and such security personnel in Naxal attacks.
◆ ‘KalaratnaUgadiPuraskar’ from Govt of Andhra Pradesh.
◆ ‘Life time achievement award’ from Vasudha Foundation
◆ ‘Most respected Surgeon Award’ for contribution to Society- from Bangalore Telugu Maha Sabha And several other recognitions from India and abroad

Management Thoughts
Because of better infrastructure facilities and specialist doctors’ availability
a patient pays much more fee at Corporate hospitals. The courtesy in attending to patients and individual attention goes a long way in patient developing confidence.
As far as Govt Hospitals are concerned much needs to be done in infrastructure development while there is no dearth of talented doctors.
There is a general feeling that in Govt Hospitals there is rampant corruption at all levels. This must be tackled as poor patients are worst victims.
While Corporate hospitals have reputed specialist doctors, the Govt should take initiative to seek their services not only in times of need but as a system where in such specialists are called on a specific schedule. There are several philanthropic doctors who would respond to such calls.
Health Care Vision (Man Vs. Machine Hormonisation)
Diagnosis being a key element in treatment surely the advancement in Medical Engineering has helped Diagnose ailments faster and more accurately. From times when an FBS would take so long to know, today its matter of seconds. An X- ray and report too is almost instantaneous and even an MRI scan study is matter of minutes.
Advent of Image intensifier is surely a boon to Orthopedic fraternity.
Introduction of Laminar flow theatres has reduced the infection rate drastically.
Navigation surgeries in Hip and Knee replacements have brought in revolution giving best results.
Advancements in Orthopedic equipment and implants have indeed revolutionised the procedures and big improvement in success rate of any given surgery.
Arthopedic surgeries are now a day-care procedures while in the past they warranted a minimum stay of two days at the hospital. This not only helped faster recovery of patient but a relief on financial burden.
It must however be said that Clinical acumen and Surgical skills are vital factors notwithstanding the above referred advancements in equipment and engineering.

Losing father at infant age in a road accident due to lack of Medical assistance always triggered thoughts in Dr TDR as he grew up to be a doctor involving Trauma Care. He was well supported by his mother.
Dr TDR by nature is a philanthropist and derives immense satisfaction in serving the poor. He considered a Doctor can play the role best.Dr TDR is most known for his charity and opportunity to help the poor and needy also served an inspiration.
Your most important priority if you were Health Minister.
The gap between desired and actual is too wide to identify just One.
My priorities would be:
◆ Hospitals with Good infrastructure in Rural India towards making available Medical assistance to the needy in shortest possible time.
◆ Make available the medical assistance FREE or at Lowest cost
◆ Medical Insurance to every individual.

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