Enhancing mobility by blending art and science of surgery

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Enhancing mobility by blending art and  science of surgery

Art of medicine requires you to possess humane qualities like kindness, courage, compassion and gentleness while the science of medicine teaches you the hows and the whys. I love the ‘art of medicine’ and I respect the ‘science of medicine.

Soft spoken,warm, gentle and humble these are the qualities that characterise Dr Smarajit Patnaik. A well known orthopaedic surgeon is a firm believer of spiritual energy and scientific temperament. The basic structure of life, the cell, fascinated him since early years in school and later interested him to study cell biology to graduate in science but parental pressure played a major role in propelling him towards studying medicine. With a desire to provide specialised treatment and focused service, Dr Patnaik completed his training, residencies and fellowships in Orthopaedics and Knee Surgery and succeeded in learning the science of surgery. “ I am still learning the art of being a good surgeon. That is a life long process where apart from the techniques of performing a surgery, one needs to know when to go with a surgery and when not to and possess humane qualities like kindness, courage, compassion and humility.”he explains.

Had a tendency to help someone since childhood. Was so scared of hospitals, doctors and nurses as a child also wanted to explore the realms of hospitals and diseases and an ease in it. The white coat and the dangling stethoscope had always fascinated me since childhood probably inspired also. Hence it’s empathy, fear, pride and a combination of these inspired me to join the profession

Academic & Professional Profile
✓ Fellowship in Knee Surgery, Inje University, Ilsan Paik Hospital, South Korea
✓ Diplomate of National Board (Orthopaedic Surgery)
✓ National Board of Examinations, New Delhi and Apollo Hospitals, Chennai M.B;B.S, SCB Medical College, Cuttack, Utkal University
Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute,Chennai and Sri Balaji Medical College and General Hospital, Chennai.
Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre.Chennai
 ◆ Core member in Quality Improvement and Personal Safety team of the Hospital for Joint Committee International Accreditation.
 ◆ Visiting Faculty for National Board post graduates in tertiary care hospitals.
 ◆ Member of Credentialing committee, Medical Audit Committee, Blood Committee at Apollo Hospitals, Bhubaneshwar.

✓ Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences
✓ Member of Indian Orthopaedic Association
✓ Member of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
✓ Member of European society for Sports traumatology, knee surgery and Arthroscopy
✓ Member of Odisha Orthopaedics Association
✓ Member of Odisha Arthroscopy Society
✓ Member of Odisha Arthroplasty Association

Ongoing Projects
✓ Femoral tunnel widening after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction is influenced by the tightening of Hamstring graft: A Prospective Randomized Study.
(With Ilsan paik Hospital, Inje University, South Korea.).
✓ Open wedge high tibial osteotomy using computer assisted surgery compared to the conventional scanogram technique. (With Ilsan paik Hospital, Inje University South Korea.)
✓ A prospective analysis of factors affecting the knee range of motion in a cruciate substituting type of TKR. (Guide for Thesis for National Board of Examination.)

Focus areas
✓ Particular interest in Hip and Knee joint preservation, reconstruction, resurfacing, primary and revision joint replacements surgeries.

Future Plans
Develop a Centre of Excellence for comprehensive Hip and Knee joint care where by can offer options for surgical and nonsurgical modalities in treatment with a multidisciplinary approach and perform various surgical procedures for care of bone and joint following injuries and diseases and to restore early function with utmost safety, painless surgery at a low cost for benefit of the elderly and the society in general.

Visiting Fellowship for Knee Surgery (Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty) at Inje University, Ilsan Paik Hospital, South Korea.
Publications AND Presentations (partial list)
✓ Complications of Trans-cutaneous Osteosynthesis using Illizarov ring Fixator presented as thesis for postgraduate examination to National Board Of Examination. Govt . of India.
✓ An overview of Fixed flexion deformities around knee corrected by Illizarov Apparatus. Presented in Annual National Conferene of Indian Orthopaedic Association. IOACON 2000
✓ Functional outcome of surgical treatment of trochanteric fractures in elderly. Presented in TNOACON.2006
✓ Analysis of Plate Osteosynthesis for distal thirdTibial fractures. Presented in OASISCON 2008.
Reviewer of papers in hip and knee arthroplasty for IOACON 2016.

Professional Highs
Special Surgical Achievements:
✓ Advanced bearing surface hip replacement surgeries and mobile bearing knee replacement surgeries in young and active.
✓ First bilateral single stage patient specific instrumentation knee replacement in the state.
✓ Centre of excellence for geriatric orthopedic surgical care.
✓ Revision hip and knee replacement surgeries.
✓ Computer assisted surgeries, Patient specific instrumentation.
✓ Key hole surgeries, Minimally invasive joint replacement surgeries.
✓ Get referrals from all across the state for complex primary joint replacements of hip and knee joint and failed cases of joint replacement.
✓ Performed more than 2000 joint replacements developed a unit for Rapid Recovery following Joint Replacement surgeries..
✓ Special expertise in pain less surgeries for joint replacement and in geriatric fracture care.
✓ Special expertise in ligament preserving joint replacement surgeries.
✓ Started department of Orthopaedics Surgery at Apollo Hospitals, Bhubaneswar
✓ Did the first international orthopaedics meeting of Odisha Indo German Orthopedic Foundation in 2013.
✓ Recognised Master trainer for joint replacement surgeries by Depuy Johnson & Johnson.
✓ Initiated rapid recovery protocol in joint replacement surgeries at Apollo Hospitals, Bhubaneswar.
✓ Personal Orthopedic surgeon of Honourable Governor of Odisha
✓ Personal Orthopaedic surgeon of Honourable Chief Minister of Odisha

Healthcare Vision
A pain-free, mobile life for all is Dr Smarajit Patnaik’s vision for the world of medicine and he hopes to see much more movement in the future in terms of healthcare achievements.

Initial Challenges & Management
Being a doctor is part of the grind and cuts for a diamond to shine.
Everyone have their share of trials and tribulations in life and so did me. Did very bad in my 10th standard exams, was supposed to study humanities as getting a seat in science was difficult and was happy with it as suggested by my loving mother who is no more there with me.
Even as a school boy had always carried a lot of pride in me, my father had other things in his mind and was absolutely convinced to make me study science. I studied science did well in my pre medicals and was selected into the premier institute of Odisha. SCB Medical college with state rank.
Studying in medical school was really not an enjoyable process, the sight and smell of anatomy dissection hall with terminologies of human body parts, their physiological processes and biochemical milieu its understanding and memorising is a superhuman task for a young boy from higher secondary school. One has to be highly motivated to tide over those years.
However the real breakthrough came when Dr Patnaik began his internship. It made him realise that being a doctor required a lot more skills than taught in medical school and one doesn’t have to remember all that one has memorised while studying medicine rather an attitude of
“I am doing something for the humanity at large and contributing my bit to the cause of human life” is going to make one a good doctor.
He believes that he was destined to be a doctor and feels blessed to be one. The not so developed tertiary health care system in Odisha called Dr Patnaik to come back to Bhubaneswar and be in the system and contribute in order to bring change in it. Hope I have been able to keep myself upto my father’s expectation at least.

Most important priority as health minister
Building up of Human Resource of Health care personnel at all levels Doctors, technicians, Nurses, Clinical Assistants, pharmacists, and that can only change the face of medical care and disease prevention in our country
Management Philosophy
✓ When a patient goes for treatment of his illness, he can never get all of the following 3,
✓ He gets any 2 out of: So choose wisely between a combination of any two;
 ◆ Good treatment
 ◆ Fast treatment
 ◆ Cheap treatment…
✓ Make any combination, choice is yours. So….
 ◆ A good and fast treatment can never be cheap..
 ◆ A good and cheap treatment can never be fast..
And… a cheap and fast treatment can never be good!

Family Details
Wife:  Dr Tithi Parija
Assistant Professor, KIIT School of
Bio Technology, KIIT University
Son:  Abhinav
Standard 9, DAV School, Chandrasekharpur

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