Healthcare services now to be operated on a Blockchain Technology: Healthureum

Healthcare services now to be operated on a Blockchain Technology: Healthureum
  • A platform to consolidate all consumers’ medical history on one platform
  • Data to be secured with encrypted codes
  • A technology to track the transaction nodes between the key participants of the health industry

Healthureum, a healthcare based startup in Estonia, is all set to revolutionize the modern health care system through blockchain technology in India. It claims to notably improve interoperability of healthcare services via healthureum tokens (HHEM), providing a secure and efficient medium to consumers for paying and accessing their health care services.

According to the research, The Global Healthcare Expenditure is growing at an unprecedented rate and is expected to reach 8.7 Trillion Dollar by the year 2020 as compared to 7 Trillion Dollar in 2015. Healthureum, combining the most de-structuring technology with one of the finest growing technology provides a platform that offers all in one healthcare services operated on a blockchain using smart contract technology.

The ethereum based platform is said to consolidate all medical data of the consumer which will be secured with encrypted codes. It aims to decentralize health care industry and to efficient future proof procedures by bridging the gaps that the country is dealing with, like: Lack of resources, accessibility, high cost, privacy and security.

It will help to connect all hospitals on a global scale, improving the rate of shared  information between institutions. The system guarantees full fledged transparency and clarity, providing the ultimate solution to key stakeholders. With healthureum, a 360-degree blockchain based health care system, it will be easier to track the transaction nodes between the key participants like drug manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacists, medical representatives thus securing the product information, combating the problem of counterfeit drugs which will contribute to overall Drug Traceability on the smooth road.

Ritu Tyagi, director of marketing, Healthureum, said,”We are positive that the establishment of a decentralized framework will induce a chain reaction to rejuvenate the operational and administrative procedures in both institutions and the bureaucracy not only in the west but across countries”.

The funding of $ 15 Million has been raised for this technology.The Company is further looking toward to the implementation of the Alpha model of block-chain technology in the hospitals by November 2018.



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