How to stay positive and cope with COVID 19

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How to stay positive and cope with COVID 19

COVID 19…. Much talked about, and rightly so… While a major focus at the time of such a global pandemic is undoubtedly on the medical sciences working on the research on the novel Corona virus, something that needs to be emphasized at the same time is its impact on our mental health and well-being. Remember, it is something unpredictable, and something none of us have been prepared for, as is the case for most global pandemics. As a consequence, we all need to make an effort to cope with this pandemic.

  1. Avoid panicking. Yes, it is a scary situation, and feeling anxious at such times is expected. However, there is a very thin line demarcating feeling anxious and worried, and getting panicky and overwhelmed. The latter needs to be avoided. Take a deep breath and seek the support of your family to help cope with this period.
  2. Be informed, with authentic, reliable and accurate information. In the world of social networking, there are a lot of rumor mills at work, feeding onto our stress and anxiety. Such information needs to be filtered, so we get to know facts. Not knowing in itself is a major factor contributing to our anxiety levels.
  3. Socialize, but with a social distance. With self-quarantining at home, we need to fight the sense of isolation. Therefore, take out time to talk, reach out to friends and family members… Further, do not talk only about COVID 19! This is the one time we are being encouraged to use our social media platforms but do so wisely! There are likely to be a lot of thoughts, and feelings playing in our minds… do not hesitate to share them. Communication is the key to remaining positive at such a time.
  4. Maintain a regular routine. Despite of a lockdown, it is important that we incorporate some form of physical activity, even if only indoor, within our daily routine. Having a structure in the day, including our sleep patterns, hobbies, leisure, work as well as health related precautions is a must. Working from home should not lead to an imbalance, therefore have some deadlines and structures in place.
  5. Be socially responsible. It is a global pandemic. Therefore, we need to understand our social and collective responsibility at such a time. Think of ways of channelizing your energies towards a more altruistic approach, instead of focusing on all that which is beyond our control. In fact, the same social media platforms can be used to spread positivity, and instill a sense of hope over the fears of people.


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