North India Leads the New Health Trends in the Country with Maximum Consumption of Protein: A Survey Report by AS-IT-IS

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North India Leads the New Health Trends in the Country with Maximum Consumption of Protein: A Survey Report by AS-IT-IS

The detailed survey by AS-IT-IS, India’s leading Nutrition and Protein Products Manufacturing Company, is based on the Consumer demands and Online Shopping Statistics

Nutrition is integral for a healthy and active life. There must be a proper intake of dietary food to maintain the nutrition level in the body. Balanced nutritional diet does not just prevent malnutrition but also build immunity against a wide range of NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases) and CDs (Communicable Diseases). Moreover, there must be a balance between the macro-nutrients – Protein, Fats, and Carbohydrates for a healthy and fit physique. India is a sub-tropical nation with a diverse culture and even diversified food habits. Despite having a wide range of food available, the Indian diet lacks the balance of protein (including all 21 amino acids). Most of the vegan and vegetarian diets lack complete protein and non-vegetarian diet also fails to bring optimum health results. That is a reason, especially in Indian context; Protein Powders and other Nutrition have a crucial role to play.

In the last 5 years, new health trends have entered the Indian domain. Statistically, India comprises over 50% of the population under the age of 25 years and the majority of the Indian workforce is Millennials. Today, the Indian youth is readily taking up a healthy lifestyle and increasing the consumption of balanced nutrients. They are admitting the fact that a well-balanced nutritional diet with regular physical activity is the cornerstone of good health.

AS-IT-IS conducted a detailed survey to identify new trends in the country and studied the sporadic pattern of consumers scattered across the nation who are buying protein powder and nutrition from online e-commerce sites.

The major findings of the survey by AS-IT-IS are:

  • The detailed zone-wise study revealed that North India leads the health trend with the highest consumption of protein amongst others. The survey registered that North India accounts for 47% of the total consumption of nutrition and protein products sold across India through e-commerce websites.
  • The increased consumption of protein powder and nutrition supplements in North India is attributed to factors of population, regional inclination towards sports activities, and increase in health-consciousness among the youth.
  • The survey further revealed that North India was followed by West India with 30%, South India with 15% and East India with 8% of the total consumption of protein sold across India through e-commerce websites.
  • Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi ranked as the top three states, where the consumption of protein and nutrition supplements was more than other Indian states.
  • The zone-wise and state-wise study revealed that Uttar Pradesh ranked 1st amongst all the states in North zone, West Bengal ranked 1st amongst all the states in East zone, Maharashtra ranked 1st among all the states in West zone, and Karnataka ranked 1st amongst all the states in South zone in terms of consumption of protein powder and nutrition products sold online.
  • The survey also analyzed the online sales throughout the year and concluded that the maximum sale was registered between the months of July and November. This signified that the health trend reaches its peak time during these months as the youth and aspiring bodybuilders start their training (for weight gain, weight loss, and bulk & shred cycles for bodybuilding competitions).
  • The detailed analysis of data observed by AS-IT-IS also brought into light the fact regarding the increase in consumption of protein powder and nutritional products across leading states. The consumption is accounted highest in UP in North zone by virtue of population, whereas, Haryana and Punjab followed the trend because of inclination of youth towards sports activities like bodybuilding and wrestling. Furthermore, the study also revealed that Delhi sustained a rank amongst top 3 states because of a huge number of health-conscious youth who workout regularly and consumes protein to build muscles.

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