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one of the pioneering orthopedic surgeons

Known for his pioneering work on bilateral total hip replacements. He is also one of the few orthopedic surgeons to have done arthroscopy of knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow and hip joints. He has the distinction

Known for his pioneering work on bilateral total hip replacements. He is also one of the few orthopedic surgeons to have done arthroscopy of knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow and hip joints. He has the distinction of being the first doctor from India to become fellow of faculty of sport and exercise medicine [FFSEM] from the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland & Royal College of Physicians in Ireland.
Orthopedic and Sports Medicine consultant in Apollo Health City since 2006 and has 26 years experience including 11 years in UK. Worked in centers of excellence like Glasgow University Hospitals and Aberdeen University Hospitals. His focus is on joint replacement and sports surgery.

Academic and Professional Details
✓ MBBS 1988, Government Medical College
✓ University of Kashmir, India
✓ MS [Orthopedics] 1992, MR Medical College, Karnataka, India
✓ MCh [Orthopedic] 1998,
✓ Aberdeen University, Scotland
✓ The Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland, 2001[ The Intercollegiate Academic Board of Sport and Exercise Medicine]
✓ MFSEM [UK] 2006
✓ FFSEM [Ireland] 2007

Reason to join profession
He was keen to join medicine as it is a respectable and noble profession. He was always interested in science subjects than mathematics when he finished 10th grade.

Professional Highs
He has served as faculty in numerous orthopedic and sports medicine meetings. He presented in American College of sports medicine annual conference in Nashville, USA, FIMS -WORLD Congress of Sports Medicine in Beijing and American College of sports medicine annual conference in Indianapolis USA. He also served as scientific committee member of sports medicine symposium in Evian France.
He is working as consultant in Apollo Health City, Hyderabad and has the distinction for being the most recommended [10415]consultant orthopedic surgeon across India on www.askapollo.com. He is recipient of many coveted healthcare awards including Academic Achievements Award from Apollo Hospitals Education and Research Foundation.
Serving as a liaison doctor for Mumbai Indians he took care of Sachin Tendulkar [his birthday] and Andrew Symonds on 24 April 2011 when they played in Hyderabad against Deccan Chargers. He worked as sports doctor during Manchester Commonwealth games and as sports medicine consultant for Rugby Football League while working in United Kingdom.

Management thought
Medicine is a profession however healthcare management is a business. Medical training does not train doctors how to manage hospitals successfully and doctors pay a big prize trying to do too many things. This lacunae is well recognized in the west and in US there are about 65 universities offering MD MBA degree option. He feels most doctors are busy with their clinical work that they have no time to learn the nitty-gritty of management and some formal training in business management during medical training would prepare doctors to manage hospitals successfully.

Health care vision man vs machine
Health care in future is likely to be very different from what we see now. It is inevitable that man power is going to be replaced largely by machines with artificial intelligence. It is crucial that people become flexible enough to adapt to changing situations to survive and succeed. Advantage of telemedicine and digital technology should be made used to the hilt to teach, train people in healthcare as well as to educate and bring awareness in prevention and treatment of many diseases . The focus should be rural health as India lives in its villages where healthcare is dismal and most neglected.

The smiling faces and respect of our patients do inspire us to do our work with more zeal and energy. Its a joy for ever to help a patient to live his dream. A yoga practitioner who could not perform yoga due to pain in both hips due to arthritis was able to do remarkable yoga and return to teaching yoga after both hip replacement. Similarly an international patient was able to walk and sit freely after 31 years due to fusion of both hip joints. Successful clinical outcomes always inspires to take up more challenges with confidence.
Your most important priority if you were health minister
Considering the prohibitive cost of modern health care, universal insurance will be made a reality.
Compulsory work place exercise will be implemented as in Sweden to counter the rise in non communicable diseases and Sports and Exercise Medicine will be made a specialty like in many countries.

I enjoy playing racket sports like tennis, badminton and squash. I participated in tennis in world medical games held in St Topez [1999], Cannes [2000] and Evian [2001]. I have recently started playing golf and hope to play regularly.

Family details
My wife DrRupa works as a family physician. While in United Kingdom she worked in prestigious hospitals like Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust in Brighton and Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath. My daughter is a medical student and son is in high school. He has a black belt in taekwondo and holds Guinness world record and High Range world record for most number of split kicks.

Best place to vacation in India and abroad
He feels that he is fortunate to have studied MBBS in Government Medical College Srinagar – Kashmir University and later MCh Orthopedics in Aberdeen University, Scotland. He considers these places of immense natural beauty to be best for vacation.


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