Taiwan’s ProtectLife introduces AmiSheild and Abacus Junior Vet 5 in India for veterinary professionals

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Taiwan’s ProtectLife introduces AmiSheild and Abacus Junior Vet 5 in India for veterinary professionals

ProtectLife International Biomedical Inc. today announced the Indian launch of its most sought after Veterinary Clinical Analyzer – AmiSheild and Abacus Junior Vet 5. Designed with the brand’s underlying aim of ‘Protecting Life’, the tools are highly specialized offering optimal solution for veterinary clinics and practices for user defined profiles. Aided with more precision and reliability the instruments are specially designed by utilizing industry standard electronic and mechanic components to withstand demanding clinical environment.


AmiShield is a Veterinary Clinical Analyzer, designed to support the detection of biochemistry, electrolytes diagnostics. AmiShield’s built in Spectroscopy provides full spectrum for a varied detective purposes and a scope for future expansion of new veterinary testing parameters.

Using the customized extensibility system, AmiShield has three types of quality control including Biochemistry, Electrolyte, and Immunoassay. The latest edition boasts of a Centrifugation free that disallows the particles from separating from the blood, lending to a highly accurate and reliable analysis.

The instrument with multifunction specifications contains an innovative segment disc that enables it to perform several functions at concurrently. It provides efficient and accurate monitoring with a high cost performance to the user. Helmed by a built in Post-Surgery Monitoring, AmiShield can be used on specific species like Canine, Feline, Rabbit, Hedgehogs, Guinea pig, Sugar glider & Avian.

Abacus Junior Vet 5

Abacus Junior VET 5 offers optimal solution for veterinary clinics and practices that require high quality 3-part or 5-part white blood cells differential results. Providing Hematology profile Abacus junior VET 5 delivers a 22-parameter hematology results along with sharing defined profiles in 3-part mode with the user. The 6 level QC, L-J graphs and self-diagnostic functions lets you track the reliability and accuracy of the machine.

Abacus Junior VET 5 is almost maintenance free resulting in minimal disruption of operation. Their compact size makes the instruments ideal for use in veterinary practices requiring minimum desktop space. This product offers a 5-part different results for species like dog, cat, horse and cattle.

ProtectLife is the recipient of the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Awards; the highest mark of excellence in innovation, offered by the Bureau of Foreign Trade supported TAITRA. Taiwan Excellence identifies and recognizes incredible Taiwanese products to represent in the international market. It seeks to promote Taiwan’s culture of technological innovation and cutting-edge design and provide an appropriate platform to strengthen bilateral trade and economic relations. Determined through a

stringent two-phase selection process, the platform is based on the aim of ‘Everyday Excellence’.  Exceptional products are selected on aspects ranging from “R&D”, “Design”, “Quality” and “Marketing” that satisfy the key criterion of ‘Made in Taiwan’.

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