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The surgeon with Midas touch who Introduced Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery in India and brought golden days in the patients’ life

Dr Vaidya believes that if the leader of the institution is in reach of his employees, it develops a sense of self containment and acts as a motivational force for them and a self

Dr Vaidya believes
that if the leader of the institution is in reach of his employees, it develops a sense of self containment and acts as a motivational force for them and a self motivated team can
do wonders!

Academic and Professional details
Dr Narendra Vaidya is an Orthopaedic surgeon and internationally acclaimed Joint replacement surgeon, with an experience of more than 25 years. He is the founder Managing Director of Lokmanya Group of Hospitals, Multi speciality with super specialised Orthopedic hospitals with 4 Branches at Pune and 1 branch at Kolhapur and around 10 extensions in the form of satellite clinics and OPDs at various big to small places established with a vision and mission of making healthcare facilities available to everyone. A dynamic leader and founder of Lokmanya Hospitals Pvt Ltd, has driven the Orthopedic Healthcare Industry with his passion for Quality & Compassionate care
A leading Adult Reconstructive Surgeon, he has successfully performed 12000+ Joint Replacement surgeries and 75000+ orthopedic surgeries. Performing 3500+ Joint Replacement surgeries every year which is one of the highest in the country.
A distinguished alumni of B J Medical College, where he passed his MBBS in 1989 and a Gold Medallist and University topper in all the branches of surgery not only Orthopedics in 1994. He has been extensively trained in US, Sweden and Germany.

✓ RASHTRIYA RATNA AWARD for his contribution towards rescue and treatment of earthquake victims at Anjaar, Gujarat, 2001
✓ VISHWA VIVEK PURASKAR for his contribution to prevention & rehabilitation of trauma victims, 2005
✓ MAHINDRA NAVISTAR AWARD for Excellence in Medical Transport, 2011
✓ SANJIVANI PURASKAR for excellence in Healthcare, 2013
✓ BEST ORTHOPEDIC & JOINT REPLACEMANT SURGEON, Navbharat Health Excellence Award, 2017
✓ INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS recognised for highest number of joint replacements in a single day at a hospital in 2018

Management thought
Apart from a Surgeon and academician he is Managing Director of Lokmanya Group of Hospitals as well so he has to a lot of strategic and management work but he believes that if the leader of the institution is in reach of his employees, it develops a sense of self containment and acts as a motivational force for them and a self motivated team can do wonders! My team, every employee is my family and I am proud of them, and feel great to have them.

Healthcare Vision
He always believes that surgeon’s skills are definitely important but after all he is a human being and certain physiological limitations are definitely there like accuracy in measurement etc. Here comes the role of Technology and if a good surgeon takes the help of technology accuracy is increased and the work can be great! Man and Technology should work hand in hand to overcome each other’s limitations and give the best result for the wellbeing and betterment of patients.

Reasons to join profession
He was always fascinated with his father Dr V G Vaidya who is a General Surgeon and used to join him for his clinics from the very beginning and when used to see patients coming with various problems and going back with happy faces, the rapport of patients with him, their trust and confidence on him it really used to give him a great feeling and his father has always been his idol and inspiration.
He always wanted to be an Oncosurgeon. But Dr Vinod M Kothari (KEM Hospital, Pune) in the initial phase motivated him and introduced him to Orthopedics and his interest further increased under the guidance of Padmavibhushan Dr. K. H. Sancheti ( Sancheti Institute of Ortho & Rehabilitation). Orthopedics being an evidence based science, reconstructive and patients show great outcomes as they come out of many crippling illnesses, pain and disabilities, which gives enormous satisfaction. He always feels lucky that he has got guidance from many national and International teachers who made him capable of developing the skills which he is having now and never forget to show his gratitude to them.

Initial challenges
When started his career in early 90s there were existing Myths in the society like surgical treatment in Orthopedic don’t get successful and even basic surgeries like nailing and plating done in trauma cases were not very much accepted which were resulting in increased healing time and other complications, spine patients can’t walk post surgery, joint replacement can’t be successful etc. so we had to do a lot of public education and awareness programmes showing them the real picture so that they develop with confidence and break the myths in the society. These public awareness programmes really helped as it gave me a chance to get the actual picture of the ground situation and solving their problems and it became a passion for me I am still continuing it with full enthusiasm.
Another challenge was to meet out the fund requirements to cope up with the emerging technologies and technology come with the cost and bringing the best possible treatments available for the patient for best outcomes and fulfil their expectations. Being a doctor promoted institution it is always a challenge but we never compromised on this aspect and that’s why although he was doing quite well with conventional joint replacement technique but still pioneered Robotic Joint Replacement in India! And now when he has performed more than 3000 Robotic Joint replacements, and looking at patients with excellent results and high satisfaction level gives him inspiration for continuous improvement and always strives to give the best to the patients.
Time has always been a factor from the beginning as being founder Managing Director of a chain of hospitals he has to do a lot of strategic and technical work, and at the same time clinical part should never be compromised as that is always his first love. He feels lucky that his family and team always support him and he is able to continue with his passion of continuously working with full energy and give his best.

Professional Highs
I don’t believe in stopping and always believe that best is yet to come, and every day when I wake up I always count every day as a new day as I believe that once you think you have achieved everything your innovativeness and enthusiasm goes down but I don’t want this to happen as there are many more challenges I have to beat and many more things I have to do for the patients and mankind.
But I am happy that whatever work I have done in my career it has gone really well and I have a sense of Satisfaction for that.
Touched by the ever-increasing rate of Road Traffic Accidents, initiated the “Golden Hour Project” in 1996 followed by conceptualization and implementation of India’s First Comprehensive Trauma System comprising of Awareness (prevention), Early treatment (golden hour), Efficient ambulance connectivity to bring the patient to the hospital and prompt treatment and finally rehabilitation dedicated Emergency Medical System (EMS) which was not existent at that time,
Designed special dedicated ambulances for trauma patients on highways where availability of immediate medical aid can save a lot of Lives, which has been instrumental in saving the lives of more than 300000+ trauma victims till date. The system was designed with a comprehensive and robust approach ranging from Prevention of Road Traffic, Industrial and Domestic accidents to Rehabilitation of the trauma victims back to the society.
Designed MTCCU (Mobile Trauma & Critical Care Unit) which with multiple patient carrier and rapid rescue units on Two wheelers to reach trauma victims which was a great initiative and for which he was awarded the Mahindra Navistar Award
Supported Safe Life Initiative on Road Safety and Conducted 500+ Preventive and Awareness Programs in schools, corporate companies, and across all sectors to promote Road Safety to the masses, specially school going children who get their licences particularly girls around 8th std to 10th std are greatly benefitted by this. The National Road Safety Awareness program was recognized and funded by the Ministry of Highways and Road Transport to educate general population on Road Safety, sensitizing school children, EMT Training, Road exhibits, awareness rallies, educating doctors on pre-hospital care & trauma, conducting medical examination of highway drivers, basic life support (BLS) training by demonstrating on mannequins etc.
Led a team of 16 healthcare professionals to Anjaar, Gujarat during 2001 earthquake. Treated 2132 patients and performed 82 surgeries in a makeshift Operation Theatre created in a MTCCU. Was awarded the prestigious Rashtriya Ratna Award for this contribution to the medical contingency and disaster management
In the region where he is practicing got a chance to be the First Surgeon in Pune to perform all four major joint replacements hip, knee, shoulder, elbow ,
First Surgeon in Pune to perform the Microscopic Cervical Disc Replacement & Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery Introduced the Ortho pilot Computer Assisted Joint Replacement for the first time in Pune
Introduced Robotics in Joint Replacement for the first time in India at Lokmanya Hospitals, Pune
First surgeon to perform the Robotic Assisted Unicompartmental Knee Replacement in India and one of the first Robotic assisted Total Knee Replacement in the world, outside USA.
With his efficient team he has done a record number of Joint replacements i.e. 104 in Lokmanya group of hospitals in a single day on 28th of Dec 2018 where his has broken his own record of 52 Joint replacements in a single day at a single hospital on 24th March 2018.
In terms of number of Joint replacements Lokmanya hospital is leading in Maharashtra and one of the highest number in India.

Top priority if you were a health minister
India is a growing country and in the top notch amongst the fastest growing economies in the world but we shouldn’t forget that it is second highest populated country in the world so the healthcare needs are also higher. Govt can’t meet out the requirement alone and private sector is less affordable to a large percentage of population so his top priority will be to provide best possible affordable healthcare to maximum people. His emphasis will be more on best possible advanced treatments for maximum possible benefits for the patients, not in building 5 star hotel like luxurious hospitals. Best possible affordable treatment for all will always be his first priority and He is and will always be working for that.

✓ Reading
✓ Trekking specially in Himalayas, no other place gives him such pleasure as Himalayas
✓ Music: Listening classical and old melodies
✓ Sports: An outstanding tennis player, he has been National Champion in Doubles under 12 in Chennai in 1980-81, have won various tournaments, Captain of BJ medical college and University of Pune teams
✓ Admirer of Sachin Tendulkar & Roger Federer for not only being great players but also for their fitness level and zeal and zest to overcome challenges and be a strong winner

Family details:
Father: Dr V. G. Vaidya General surgeon and chairman at Lokmanya Medical Foundation under the head of which Lokmanya group is conducting various courses and training programs as a skilled worker deficiency has always been a concern in healthcare industry.
Mother: Mrs Ratnaprabha Vaidya a great role model and supporting pillar of strength and inspiration
Wife: Dr Mitali Vaidya who is a dental surgeon by profession and Director in lokmanya group of hospitals has been his strength always
Sons: Dr Tanmoy & Tejomoy
His family has always given him a strength and motivation and in spite of being so busy and not able to give much time to them he is overwhelmed with their unconditional love and support.
Never forgets to mention that his Lokmanya team and his patients are also extension of his family and their support and blessings have always been a driving force for him.


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