VRHealth Group is a first-of-its-kind healthcare technology company that helps clinicians better manage their patients’ care via specialized virtual reality (VR) technology solutions and data analysis. VRHealth provides breakthrough medical tools via VR content while delivering real-time health analytics.

VRHealth offers a variety of patent-pending solutions from rehabilitation services to cognitive testing, from pain management to psychological assessment. VRHealth is the first VR healthcare company in the world that is ISO-certified and all its medical applications are FDA Authorized.

The healthcare industry has numerous challenges: lack of standardization, high costs, poor monitoring and low preventative care. No one wants to spend time in a hospital or a rehabilitation center when undergoing treatment; however, when a person puts on a VR headset they are transported to a place that is fun and engaging. VRHealth provides immersive (360-degrees) VR games, movies, and exercises that encourage patients to perform treatment with ease. Through gamification, the treatment turns into an entertaining experience that users are motivated to continue. Since users are under guidance and monitoring, payers and providers receive data in real-time and healthcare professionals can adjust the VR experience according to individual patient needs.

Leveraging advanced technology, VRHealth enhances healthcare and wellness by providing meaningful data analysis capabilities to payers and providers. The VRHealth solution collects and examines user data through artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-computing algorithms to deliver advanced data analytics. Patient data is analyzed and quantified and provides healthcare professionals with highly-accurate tracking tools and meaningful insights for use in a medical facility or for remote care. Clinicians and users alike can immediately analyze and quantify a user’s overall health through a digital portal to quantify the healing process and utilize the new information to personalize the user experience and enhance the healing process as needed.

VRHealth has already begun working with several world-renowned U.S. healthcare providers, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, including: Stanford University Sports Medicine, Spaulding Rehabilitation Center and Beth Israel Medical Center. Additionally, VRHealth was accepted into Plug and Play Cleveland’s innovation accelerator program, in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic.

VRHealth’s mission is to improve lives by harnessing new technologies. By utilizing VR technology, the company is consistently enabling healthcare providers to enhance their users’ and payers’ healthcare experiences. Founded in 2016, VRHealth is headquartered in Israel and Boston, Massachusetts.

VRHealth: Experience. Analyze. Get better.



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