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Dr. Arjun Dang, CEO – Dr. Dangs Lab

Our Family, Caring for Yours A young vision and a new wave of thought Dr. Arjun Dang, Chief Executive Officer of Dr. Dangs Lab, plays a critical role in driving the Strategic planning as well as

Our Family, Caring for Yours A young vision and a new wave of thought

Dr. Arjun Dang, Chief Executive Officer of Dr. Dangs Lab, plays a critical role in driving the Strategic planning as well as managing the operations of the Laboratory. He specialises in the fields of Liver and & GI pathology and also has extensive experience in diagnosing intolerance & allergies. For the same he has curated specialized panels to facilitate early diagnosis of these conditions. The field of oncology also holds his interest having done extensive work in the field of Triple Negative Breast Carcinomas., primary adenocarcinoma of lung and differentiated Liposarcomas. He also has several publications in international journals where Dr. Dangs Lab has done commendable work. He also performs his duties as a Senior Consultant -Histopathology & is also the Director Strategy & Operations.
With his vision of ‘Creating Value not Volumes’ Dr. Arjun Dang comments that every sample that comes into the lab is treated like a patient. The laboratory aims at providing complete satisfaction both in terms of quality of service and quality of reports to each of its patients and physicians. Dr. Arjun remembers that while he was growing up, there were several options that came up when he was planning his career. However, his guiding light was the wisdom imparted by his grandfather, a stalwart in healthcare & a renowned physician. He recalls his grandfather telling him that being a doctor is what would provide him the greatest opportunity in life, which is to help patients with compassion and care.
In performing his duties as a doctor with care, dedication and diligence, he believes he is following the same principles. He upholds his grandfather’s motto by also contributing to philanthropic foundations in the field of leukemia, childhood cancers & tuberculosis diagnosis. The lab also provides support to orphanages, emerging athletes and the unprivileged segment of the society who require support in obtaining quality health care.

Innovation is the key to differentiation
You cannot be a better version of yourself without innovating constantly, having said that, I would also like to add that as each organisation is different in its inherent core structure, we cannot have one size fits all solutions. Nothing beats an environment where everyone has a chance to provide their inputs and the best minds from ground to top for any given situation collectively strategise and innovate.

Addition to the existing scenario
Dr. Dangs Lab was started in 1983 and has evolved to be known as one of the highly renowned diagnostic labs in the country recognised for its Quality as well as patient experience.
The lab has received numerous national and international awards including the Excellence in Patient Care award by FICCI Healthcare Awards to recognize initiatives, innovations or new products / services that have led to improved customer satisfaction levels, or a better customer experience. Known for its advanced and high quality diagnostic services, Dr. Dangs Lab is a standalone state-of-the-art facility ,performing a wide array of tests in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Haematology including Flowcytometry, Molecular biology, Immunology, Histopathology, Cytology amongst others . Dr Dangs Lab works on the four pillars of unmatched quality, top technology, trained professionals and personalised care.
There have been several advances in the lab since the time that Dr Arjun has joined.
A few notable achievements are appended below:
A) Covid-19 Pandemic: Dr. Dangs Lab was one of the first few private labs in New Delhi to be granted permission for testing for COVID-19.
Dr. Arjun Dang played a critical role in-
1) Defining protocols related to infection control, training of staff, operational protocols, inventory management and analytical procedures.
2) Authenticating all molecular biology reports and maintaining the highest levels of quality.
3) Communication with ICMR and other govt. bodies regarding advisories and role of private laboratories for COVID-19 testing.
4) Setting up of India’s first drive thru centre for sample collection for Covid 19 patients.
B) Providing services as a Central lab for screening and safety testing as well as National Serosurveillance testing.
Dr. Dangs Lab, New Delhi was selected as the central lab for screening and safety testing of COVAXIN (India’s first indigenous COVID-19 vaccine) for which the entire testing in phase 1 & 2 was performed at the central lab. The lab is currently also performing lab screening & safety testing for several other covid19 vaccine manufacturers. The tremendous work by the lab and Dr Dang has also been acknowledged by the Bharat Biotech team in their recent publications in the Lancet Journal.
C) Dr. Dangs Lab was the first lab in the country to introduce bacteriophage sensitivity testing to combat resistant bacterial infections in October 2020. The novel initiative since then has helped dozens of individuals battling with recurrent bacterial infections procure phage therapy from the Eliava Phage Therapy Center, Georgia.

Technological Advancement
Dr. Dang believes that technology driven patient care is delivering greater efficiency in the healthcare industry. Patient-centric solutions powered by Medical Technology are improving patient’s diagnostics and management, resulting in better patient engagement and satisfaction. Smart technology is aiding early and accurate diagnosis, providing sophisticated treatment solutions and enabling patients to self-monitor. While the patient is getting empowered, healthcare is becoming smarter. The only constant is change, in the healthcare segment, where IoT & Medical Technology is at the helm of all inventions.
Continuous interaction with stalwarts across the spectrum, constant experimentation with data analytics, studying publications and print or e magazines with a single focus of enhancing patient care would certainly be a prime reason we keep-up with the rest of the world.

Research and development to match the market pace
Always a firm believer of, “A doctor is only a doctor, as long as he remains a student”, He is a voracious reader, a keen writer and an enthusiastic orator. With having led various pan India studies & clinical trials in the fields of vaccines , infectious diseases , nutrition amongst others , he feels proud to have been able to contribute towards vaccine safety as well as provide testing data for research.
Lab Development is an ongoing process with expansion in test menu, equipment, software, infrastructure and manpower being key.
A strong team for a brand to grow
A brand is only a brand because of the people that exist in it. A good leader is important but the inherent ethos of the company takes birth from the dedication & on ground work of the employees, even at the base level. There is no success story without a brilliant team.
The lab is today an incredible mix of people who have been with us since the start who embody the spirit and ethos of the lab as well as newer entrants with fresh ideas and capability and it is my privilege to work with them.

Expansion Plan & Way forward in 2021
Dr. Dang shares that, “2021 promises to be the start of the New Normal. Hopefully with the pandemic easing out and the immense learnings it has bestowed on us we have come to realise that the digital revolution needs collaborative efforts from various healthcare professionals to break away from working in silos to holding hands to collectively enhance patient care. While relentlessly pursuing to excel in fields that we are already recognised for, I would personally want to look at broadening our horizons in the space of trials, studies and research, to be a part of more impactful studies that will directly lead to better patient management which will in turn make the highest level of quality healthcare a reality for India.”
Dr. Arjun Dang has been awarded with the HT Trailblazer 2021. The same is awarded to a handful of change makers who contributed significantly to India during the pandemic.


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