Alzheimer’s is the Most Common form of Dementia

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Alzheimer’s is the Most Common form of Dementia

World Alzheimer’s Day – 21st September 2019

Though forgetfulness is quite common for people at all stages of life, but depleting memory with age, may be the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Reasons attributing to memory loss with ageing not necessarily indicate one getting older, but poor brain activities that gradually lead to memory loss. It is thus advised to stay active and participate in activities that keep the mind and body sharp.

According to a recent report by WHO, globally around one new case of Alzheimer’s is reported every five seconds and around 4 crore people suffer from this disease. With the steady rise in number of patients of Alzheimer’s, atleast 60% of them are aged above 65 years. With this rate, it is estimated that the numbers will sharply shoot upto 8 crores within the coming decade.

“Unfortunately the biggest myth around the common mass is related to the point that being forgetful, are the only signs that confirms the onset of Alzheimer’s. But thankfully, the actual fact is that such minor episodes do not necessarily lead to serious memory problems or terminal ailment like Alzheimer’s. While the initial conditions may indicate symptoms of other memory problems like pseudo-dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment or dementia, and hence such symptoms especially in people above 60 years should not be neglected.” Said Dr. Jaideep Bansal, HOD-Consultant, Neurology, Saroj Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi. 

Some memory problems may be associated with other health ailments, which may be treatable with proper diagnosis. Certain ailments like thyroid disorders, kidney or liver problems can have drastic impact on the memory and should get them treated as soon as possible. Other possible factors include side effects of medications, Vitamin B12 deficiency, chronic alcoholism, brain infections or clot formation in the blood vessels of the brain, which can lead to memory loss or even possibly dementia.

“It is also advised for Alzheimer patients to take steps to prevent the further risk of onset of stroke by controlling their blood pressure, regulating cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Vital essentials for a brain healthy lifestyle includes regular exercise, healthy diet, mental stimulation, sound sleep, active participation in social life and managing stress. Family members and friends can help people in the early stages of dementia to continue their daily routines, physical activities, and social contacts. People with dementia should be kept up to date about the details of their lives, such as the time of day, where they live, and what is happening at home or in the world.”

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