A brief about yourself and your organization.: About Vinesh Gadhia: Vinesh Gadhia comes with 28 years of experience in Indian healthcare industry with the most of it in fertility sector.  He has been one

A brief about yourself and your organization.:

  • About Vinesh Gadhia: Vinesh Gadhia comes with 28 years of experience in Indian healthcare industry with the most of it in fertility sector.  He has been one of the founding members of NOVA IVF Fertility where he led the transition from development stage towards commercial launch.  With his decades long career in the field Vinesh has been instrumental in advancing the fertility industry in India.  In his prior career stints, he successfully built commercial teams, developed strategy, and expanded scientific partnerships throughout healthcare market. Mr. Gadhia holds a Bachelors’ degree in Science.
  • About Company: ART Fertility Clinics was started as an extension IVI RMA Global in 2015 under the brand name IVI Middle East. In Jan 2020, IVI RMA divested its ownership to Gulf Capital and the entity was rechristened as ART Fertility Clinics. In the past six years, ART Fertility Clinics has established Clinics in Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Dubai and become the leading institute for Human Reproductive Medicine in the Middle East.  ART Fertility has expanded its presence India, commencing operations in eight clinics across India in 2021 with an additional ten clinics to begin operations by Mid-2022. ART Fertility Clinics will be announcing the launch of several clinics in Europe and Asia during the second half of 2021.  The Five Pillars of ART Fertility Clinics are focused upon our patient’s happiness and goals :
  • Clinical Excellence and Delivering the Highest Success Rates (Pregnancy and live births)
  • Science and Innovation
  • Transparency and Highest Ethical Standards
  • Compassionate Care, Patient Satisfaction and Safety
  • Most Advanced Technology and Infrastructure

Our vision : To deliver the best human reproductive medicine in the world by stimulating research amongst our physicians, genetics and embryologists; teaching and training all of our medical and customer serving staff to achieve the highest levels of professional excellence.

Our mission : To be the leading reproductive medicine team in the world and become the Global Reference standard for clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, research, and teaching. To strive to promote the personal development of our staff and team spirit as the cornerstone pillars of our mission.


What is the market scenario for IVF worldwide and India?

  • According to WHO, One in every four couples in developing countries had been found to be affected by infertility, The global IVF Market size is projected to reach USD 36.39 billion by 2026, with a CAGR 10.1% by 2026. The market value was USD 16.89 billion in 2018.3.
  • IVF in India is still at very nascent stage. According to EY’s 2015 report titled- Call for Action: Expanding IVF Treatment in India, Infertility affects about10 -15% of married couples in India. There are 27.5 million infertile couples in the reproductive age. Out of these, only about 1% of infertile couples (approximately 2,70,000) come forward for evaluation. Only 20-25% couples of the total couples who register at an infertility clinic undergo IVF, which is approximately 65,000 couples. India has one of the lowest IVF penetration in the world with 13 cycles/thousand infertile women in reproductive age. Another report from Allied Market research stated that India IVF services market was valued at $478.2 million in 2018 and is estimated to reach $1,453.0 million by 2026, registering a CAGR of 14.7%  
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Why is India, world’s biggest untapped potential for Fertility sector?

  • The prevalence of infertility is on rise in India due to clinical factors such as increased use of contraceptives, high prevalence of polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Endrometrial Tuberculosis, sexually transmitted infections. Lifestyle factors like increasing effective age of marriage, high prevalence of obesity, increasing tobacco and alcohol consumption are adding up the disease burden. The major factors limiting the growth of fertility sectors are:
  • Low awareness: Despite the high need of parenthood and importance of social status associated with parenthood, couples in India have low awareness of infertility related treatment options.
  • Accessibility: We have a limited pool of skilled IVF specialists and embryologists. Majority of IVF clinics are in Tier 1 & tier 2 cities.
  • Assurance: Weak regulatory framework affects patient safety resulting in IVF clinics with poor standards of treatment and patient care. Government is taking steps towards formulating a operational framework for ART centres. The ART bill is approved by Union cabinet and will be converted into the law soon.


What are new innovations and technologies that your organization is working on for the betterment of IVF sector.

Advanced Reproductive Techniques (ART) embodies our core thesis of providing our patients the latest proven medical technologies in the field of Human Reproduction.  We have a very wide science and innovation program where in our clinicians our undertaking research in a diverse field of topics related to human reproduction. We currently have forty-one (41) areas of active investigative research. At ART Fertility Clinics, we have designed the most efficient facility layouts to ensure patient safety and the best medical outcomes. We have invested in the latest and most technologically advanced infrastructure including incubators, Microscopes,  Next Generation Sequencer,  the OR equipment and Tools, 4 Dimensional Ultrasound Machines. Some of our latest equipment’s are:

  • RI Witness system- Ensures no mixing of embryos/sperms amongst patients
  • Xiltrix alarm system : alarm system that is fitted with sensors to continuously monitor temperature, humidity, gases associated with key equipment and VOCs
  • ZAND-Air PCOC: ensures healthy, filtered airflow throughout the IVF lab.
  • G 210 incubators: the most advanced, revolutionary incubators that combines optimal embryo growth conditions with advanced user control


The pandemic has affected the medical industry around the globe, how do you plan to reboot the IVF sector.

India has the largest young population coupled with strong need for parenthood. Thus, the subfertile couples coming for treatment will continue to increase. Although, this pandemic have caused a pause button, this is temporary. We strongly believe, this is a temporary situation, we are set to fulfill our commitment. Our India operations started in Agugust’2020; amidst the pandemic. We will be opening 8 clinics in 2021 & additional 10 clinics will be launched in 2022. In March’21, we started 2 clinics & in April’21 our third clinic is operational. During the entire phase, we have ensured complete safety of our staff, business partners vendors etc. Even in the difficult phase of pandemic, we have stood by our commitment of investing in clinics and will continue doing so. We currently have employed 100+ people. Currently, 90% of our staff have been inoculated with at least 1 dose vaccine. The process of complete vaccination is ongoing. We have a very strict COVID safe protocols and we ensure complete adherence by every staff. we are committed to provide quality treatments to our patients ensuring complete safety and transparency.


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