What was your rationale behind your career move? I am a curious person and always have been keen to learn new things. I was interested in science and technology since my school days. With active participation

What was your rationale behind your career move?
I am a curious person and always have been keen to learn new things. I was interested in science and technology since my school days. With active participation in extra-curricular activities, I was also selected as the Sports Secretary in my college second year. I completed my PG Diploma in Clinical Research and had done some preliminary researches, which showed a lot of potential for career growth. I got placed during my first semester in college which allowed me to work with Manipal Acunova (now called
A COURAGE TO FOLLOW THE PASSIONNavitas Life Science) as a Business Development trainee. I was got an opportunity to work on my technical and business skills. This helped to broaden my horizon and put me on a path to achieve greater success. This further took me to gain experience in sales, marketing, medico-marketing, training positions, and in my future organizations. My journey took me to the pharmaceutical and medical device industry along with experiencing healthcare quality too. This vast interest in the field of science and as well being accomplished in working in cross functional teams Dr. Shashank Devapur, Founder & CEO at Inflexon
As Mahatma Gandhi said: Health is the real wealth, we spend a lot of wealth to protect our health, hence we need move our focus towards improving preventive health programs where we need to understand how we can stay healthy rather than trying to cure the disease only.Healthcare Services LLP has showcased his expertise in the field of medico-marketing, consulting & training.
Why do you feel innovation is the key to differentiation?
I have always been of the strong opinion that we need to constantly innovate ourselves, our products, and our services, then only we can be relevant in the market. One of the previous company’s philosophy has been that, ‘Be the best in class or first in class to succeed in the market’. Hence this thought has always driven me to be innovative in every thought process. I believe that if we don’t innovate we become stagnant and lose our edge in the market. We have to focus on the real problems, which has been ignored for many years.
After your organization joined the parade, what have you added to the scenario?
When I joined the organisation in 2018, they did not have anyone with a medical or medico-marketing background. My first job was to introduce them to key players in the Indian healthcare market. We needed to come up with a strategy to introduce preventive healthcare in a market dominated by treatment-related markets. We had to create awareness about Heart rate variability which was a new concept to doctors here and also make understand how the AI algorithm works. I was able to conduct a few field trials of our device and fine-tune the algorithm to suit the Indian patient scenario. We were able to conduct a clinical trial on COVID-19 patients where our device was able to predict the outcomes of patients affected with the disease to guide their treatment in a better way. At Sipra Surgi-med where I’m the Technical Consultant and Advisor, we focused on bringing the best quality in our products ensuring that every process are in place by getting ISO 9001:2015 and coveted ISO 13485:2016 certifications, even our manufacturing site is Compliance GMP certified. But we went one step further to ensure that our raw materials are also Bureau of Veritas certified, thus ensuring quality at each step.
With such rapid, continual advances in technology, how do you ensure staying updated?
Well, it is a very well-known fact that the medical field needs to be updated constantly. I firmly believe if we do not update our knowledge we become irrelevant soon. I try to read something new through research articles and medical magazines. I enjoy reading Medgate, which is always found on my desk.
What kind of research and development do you go through to match the pace of the market?
We are constantly working with development teams in India and Germany, providing them with regular updates to improve the outlook. I have worked closely to optimise the mobile application user interface to make it more user-friendly and user interface more realistic. We also worked with our researchers in Germany to understand the Indian patient data and compared it with existing Caucasian patient’s data so as make of AI algorithm better suited for our Indian needs. We have fine tuned algorithm so well in last 15 years, that today we have over 99% accuracy rate in predicting the risk factors for many lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
Do you stand by the fact that a strong team important for a brand to grow?
Many believe that if you put processes in place people will follow but I believe that people who process in place are also equally important. I also believe the team should be diverse that’s when we learn from everyone’s experience and makes the overall experience more enriching. We have a diverse team of engineers, researchers, and doctors who contribute in their way to help grow our company.
Expansion Plan & Way forward in 2021
At Hrdayin Mobihealth we had integrated a 3-channel ECG device to our patented AI Algorithm and targeted doctors as our main customers, who could conduct the tests in the clinic. However, the pandemic in 2020 has taught us a lot and our team has effectively utilised the lockdown period. In the next months, we will be launching our first remote monitoring device to the customers with a cost-effective solution. With
this solution, remote monitoring of patients post hospitalisation & post-rehabilitation is possible very easily and effectively, so that there is no room for risks during post hospitalisation with this continuous monitoring feature. This solution can be utilised by the end customers themselves as well.   We will be expanding in Middle East(International) , North-Eastern India, Southern India and Western India Regions in 2021.

Awarded the Six Sigma Green Belt on DMAIC training Certificate in 2017

Global Marketing Excellence Award 2014 – Corporate Finalist

Values in Action – Business Growth Award winner – Q1 2015

Values in Action – Customer First Award Winner Q4 2016

Param Award Winner 2016 – Best Growth Division in 3M India (Part of Core team)

The Technical Editor for Basic CPHIC manual published by CAHO.


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