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A Leading Chain of Women & Children Hospitals

Neeraj Lal Cluster Head & Vice President Bangalore Operations Rainbow Children’s Hospital has strived to achieve excellence in the services provided to children requiring super specialty care in a child-family-friendly environment without compromising on quality. Today, with integrity, excellence, innovation

Neeraj Lal
Cluster Head &
Vice President
Bangalore Operations

Rainbow Children’s Hospital has strived to achieve excellence in the services provided to children requiring super specialty care in a child-family-friendly environment without compromising on quality.
Today, with integrity, excellence, innovation and teamwork, Rainbow has evolved as the nation’s leading and largest group of children’s hospitals. Today the Rainbow Group has 1100+ beds offering pediatric super specialty services, with eleven branches spread over Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Bengaluru, Delhi and Chennai
Rainbow Children’s Hospital has varied landmark achievements in the field of tertiary child care-

✓ Outpatient clinics schedule more than 6L+ visits annually.
✓ Largest series of pediatric patients receiving High Frequency Oscillatory ventilation in India
✓ More than 5000 surgical procedures are carried out every year in our centres
✓ 30,000 inpatient admissions each year and around 1800 neonates are treated annually
✓ Critical care supported by our Level 3, state of the art Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and Pediatric Intensive Care Units (PICU).
✓ Vaccination and immunization programs
✓ 24*7 Pharmacy, Emergency & Transport Services.
✓ Hospitals clinical staff includes 250+ consultants, 800+ nurses and 150+ paramedical personnel.
✓ NICU with Family Centric rooms • Most advanced ventilators & monitoring system • Human Milk Bank • Pediatric Intensive Care • Specialized isolated rooms for managing children with burns

Perinatal Coverage
Birthright by Rainbow Group of Hospitals is a unique initiative, born with the aim of providing high standards of care for the pregnant woman, fetus, newborn child and the new mother. So that none of them is deprived of a tertiary care facility. We do 8500+ Deliveries across the three cities with a very high percentage of normal deliveries annually.
Birth Right Fact file:

✓ 300+ Beds dedicated for Obstetrics & Gynecology with experienced medical professionals dedicated 24/7 to the hospital.
✓ 4000+ Gynecology procedures annually
✓ Over 1000+ IVF procedures done successfully
✓ Outpatient clinics schedule more than 1.5L visits annually with care and counselling for the expectant as well as new mothers.
✓ Beside our natural inclination for normal deliveries, we are equally known for our expertise in handling “high-risk cases”.

Bengaluru: The nation’s leading pediatric healthcare chain, entered into Bengaluru with a 200 bed exclusively designed multi-specialty children’s hospital. Today, Rainbow has two units & 300 beds in the city
2 units strategically located & accessible covering at entire city Both the units are built to Suit the needs of mother & child Overall 300 dedicated beds for OBG & Pediatric tertiary care full Spectrum of Obstetrics & Pediatric Super Specialties Largest NICU set up in the city with 60 beds 24 x7 Senior Consultant led Emergency services Round the clock availability of In-house doctors Well trained, specialized nursing & paramedical staff In-house Emergency transport services Empanelled with all leading TPA & Insurance companies Dedicated corporate health care plans with Privilege Health Card Complete pregnancy care with onsite antenatal classes support fertility team with in-house lab.
Rainbow Bangalore have some of the rare services such as Advanced organ support : CRRT, SLED, IHD, Plasmapheresis, MARS, Advanced centre for hearing and cochlearimplants ,centre for  comprehensive care of cerebral Palsy including first 3Dgait lab and  Orthotics Lab in India .
Unique Centre of Excellence in Bangalore

Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Marathahalli is one of the very few hospitals in the country to have a comprehensive cochlear implant unit comprising of surgeon, dedicated audiologist, speech therapist and rehabilitation specialist. Services offered include cochlear implant surgeries, Post-operative rehabilitation and speech therapy & diagnostic procedures which include BERA, pure tone audiometry, new born hearing screening, hearing aids & Tympanometry.

The Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Marathahalli is a Government of Karnataka approved hospital for Pediatric Kidney Transplant. The center has comprehensive pediatric and neonatal kidney care with state-of-the-art facilities and world class kidney transplant team which comprises of transplant surgeon and pediatric nephrologist, with intensive care and other pediatric subspecialty support under the same roof. Services provided include:-
✓ Neonatal & Pediatric CRRT
✓ Neonatal & Pediatric Hemodialysis
✓ Kidney Biopsy
✓ Management of Pediatric Renal Calculi
✓ Complex Congenital Anomalies of Kidney, Urinary Bladder and Genital Tract

Rainbow believes in helping the little ones achieve the best of their potential through our multidisciplinary team approach that would maximize their development. The team includes child psychiatrists, psychologists, dedicated speech therapists, occupational therapists and trained Pediatric Physiotherapists. Rainbow Children’s Hospital is well equipped for evaluating and treating children with psychological disturbances. Diagnostic and therapeutic services like Comprehensive developmental assessment, IQ Assessment, Behavioural assessment and intervention, Attention enhancement training, Management of ADHD etc.

Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Marathahalli is home to India’s first center for comprehensive Cerebral Palsy care,”Pragati”. The center brings together state of the art facilities and expertise under one roof. For the 1st time in India, a children’s hospital has an advanced 3D gait analysis lab, pediatric orthopedics, orthotic center (for making splints & braces) and all ancillary services needed for world class management of children with cerebral palsy and special needs. In addition, the center also has advanced rehabilitation facilities for sports injuries and gait analysis for runners.


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