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Dr Priya Pradhan Consultant Pediatric cardiologist, SRCC Children’s hospital managed by Narayana Health Congenital heart disease in India- Prevention and Cure “I thought I would teach my child

The advancements in technology and artificial intelligence have also impacted the healthcare sector. In the healthcare sector, remote operations can also be done. In

Physicians in India can now access multiple first-line treatment options for patients with common and relatively difficult-to-treat EGFR mutation (Exon 21 L858R) Patients in

The importance of immunity has grown multi-fold for everyone since the world has been gripped by corona virus since last year. Corona virus made

Pancreas is a gland which is located behind the stomach in the upper abdomen and secretes digestive enzymes and hormones (including insulin–which regulates blood

With the rising incidence of the black fungus alongside COVID19, more and more patients are indulging in the self-prescription of Amphotericin B - an

There is a need for awareness around the health complications of atherosclerosis and the importance of managing vitals There is a rise in the incidence

Dr Akhilesh Yadav, Senior hip & knee Replacement surgeon, Centre for knee and hip care, Ghaziabad The prevalence of joint pain is not new and

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