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How health-tech startups are disrupting the healthcare industry

The healthcare sector in India is one of the fastest growing sectors and it has seen a rapid transformation, mainly on the backdrop of technological advancements of the recent past. With the combination of technology

The healthcare sector in India is one of the fastest growing sectors and it has seen a rapid transformation, mainly on the backdrop of technological advancements of the recent past. With the combination of technology and healthcare in India, it is creating the new milestones. While the quality of healthcare services may have gone up, the cost and complexity have seen a significant hike. In this landscape, there have been many online healthcare platforms (OHP) that have emerged to ‘democratize’ the healthcare system.

Health-tech is a game-changer and India has a very long way to go when it comes to using technology to impart health-related services. All of us including are living in the era of smartphones and there is nothing left that you can’t do on your phone. The health service like consultation, treatment and medical drugs all of these things are available online. The health-tech startups in India belongs to the various categories of pharmacy, home healthcare, patient engagement platform, infertility treatments, diagnostics etc. There are various health -tech startups which are disrupting the healthcare industry.

Navia Life Care

Navia Life Care is a health tech company which has a voice – based virtual assistant for providers. It helps in building patient engagement platforms for medical providers, focusing on aspects of compliance, monitoring and communication.  It is built on a standardized template, with options to customize using plug-and play feature sets, ensuring scalability, fast delivery times and replicability of medical records across the value chain. 

Navia’s key products are Navi, a voice-powered smart EMR with an AI-based recommendation engine for doctors, Navi Trace, a simple pen and pad device which converts a handwritten prescription into digital format and NaviaQM – a low cost, automated OPD efficiency tool optimized to reduce patient wait times and improve patient experience within healthcare providers.


Arvi is a smart medical alert system for seniors that offers emergency and non-emergency medical assistance to seniors with a doorstep convenience. The team installs a smart hub and multiple push buttons at all critical locations of the house – on pushing any of those buttons, an instant alert gets generated and our 24/7 support team instantly reaches out to the senior citizen on-call. The main idea behind this is to provide fastest possible medical assistance at-home just by a push of button, ease of access of services. It targets millennial who actively wishes to track, monitor and improve health outcomes of their parents.

Enclosed below are the some of the features which Arvi provides:

  • Emergency and non- emergency medical assistance with doorstep convenience
  • Generate an instant alert in case of emergency
  • Arranges an emergency doctor on a hotline
  • Sends an ambulance with a paramedic on-board to the location
  • Doorstep delivery of medicines
  • Health checkups at home
  • Doctor-on-call for minor health issues and others

Indira IVF:

Indira IVF is one of the most reliable fertility hospitals across the country which provides judicious and valiant infertility curation to the common people. Based out of Udaipur, it has now become prominent IVF service providers in the country. It targets a couple who fall in the age group of 27 to 45 years. Indira IVF is the brainchild of Dr. Ajay Murdia and has 81 centers in total. Over the past years, 50000+ successful IVF procedures have been performed with the Closed Working Chamber IVF technology. Indira IVF has brought happiness in people’s lives across 20 states, with the number growing with its presence pan India.

Indira IVF is equipped with world-class technology and state of the art infrastructure of fertility clinics which caters to a host of infertility treatments like IVF (In vitro fertilization), Laser Assisted Hatching, Cryopreservation, ICSI, IUI, Blastocyst culture and transfer, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy including donor programs.


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