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Keeping the heart healthy with Zumba at Max Hospital, Patparganj

Zumba is not only a fun workout form but also helps to improve your heart health and manage blood pressure.According to a recent report, 28% deaths in India are due to serious heart ailments.Stress, obesity,

Zumba is not only a fun workout form but also helps to improve your heart health and manage blood pressure.
According to a recent report, 28% deaths in India are due to serious heart ailments.
Stress, obesity, hypertension is some of the major causes of cardiovascular diseases.

It is apparent that heart health of people in the country is depleting due to various factors such as stress, obesity and an overall unhealthy lifestyle. People struggle to take out time from their busy professional and personal lives for recreational activities to help them relax their mind as well as body. However, majority of the times, they are unable to do so and instead, end up feeling tired and exhausted. In order to address this issue, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Patparganj, on World Heart Day took an initiative to organize a fitness session for its employees in form of a Zumba class. The in-house event witnessed a footfall of over 400 people working at facility and therefore, marked the success of the session. The purpose of the event was not only fun and entertainment for the employees but to encourage them to take time out for such activities which are not only enjoyable but great for their heart health in the long run. It has been a growing concern lately and people more often tend to ignore their own health.

Zumba being a famous dance form across the world is known for its positive effect on heart rate response.This is increasingly growing into a workout method for many. Owing to the sedentary lifestyle that people residing in the urban areas are more prone to, exercising can be extremely helpful in maintaining a cardiovascular fitness and shedding some extra calories, and therefore, keeping problems like obesity, weakness, stress, hypertension away. According to the lancet Report, 2016 more than 28% of deaths in India were found to be resulted due to some or the other cardiac disease. People often ignore their health conditions and minor symptoms that might already be indicating towards some trouble. This just deteriorated the condition.

Dr. Manoj Kumar, Director & HOD – Cath Lab & Cardiac Science, Max Hospital, Patparganj, addressed the participants saying, “it is great to see people enthusiastically joining and dancing on the fast beats to keep their heart healthy, this shows that we are an aware population under the roof here and do want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, it is essential that this activity does not get restricted here. We need to incorporate physical exercise in some form into our daily lives to certain extent so that we can maintain our health and avoid complications later in life. Simultaneously, due to stress and many complains of unusual pain and discomfort in different parts of the body. Do not panic, but make sure you consult with an expert. These small precautionary steps and changes can save your life.”
Also, present at the occasion, Mr Naveen Goel, Senior Vice President – Hospital Operations, Max Hospital, Patparganj, said, “Physical activity doesn’t need to be complicated. Something as simple as a aily brisk walk can also help you to live a healthier life. With the view to encourage people to indulge in physical activity and to aware people on the importance of it, we initiated Zumba session to celebrate World Heart Day to encourage people to walk more and bring about a positive and long term sustainable behavioral change in their lifestyle. At Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj, we have always been committed to bringing positive health changes in the lives of people through our various initiatives for the local community like Citizen Plus, Max Healthy India, Neighborhood camps & talks. We are delighted to see an overwhelming participation from the public. We hope that this Zumba session will encourage people to continue walking and making it a regular habit for a healthier future.”


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