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Managing Diabetes better during a pandemic

These are trying times for doctors all over the world, especially those dealing with patients living with chronic conditions like Diabetes. Not only is this group of patients more vulnerable to COVID-19, they also have

These are trying times for doctors all over the world, especially those dealing with patients living with chronic conditions like Diabetes. Not only is this group of patients more vulnerable to COVID-19, they also have a slower and more difficult recovery period.

Doctors are now dealing with the double whammy of Diabetes plus the changes in management due to or post COVID. They are absolutely stretched for time and this is taking a toll on them physically and psychologically.


In such times, Digital Therapeutic (DTx) solutions are the perfect partners for taking care of such patients in between appointments to maintain or reduce their HbA1c at healthy levels. 


Digital therapeutics, a subset of digital health, are evidence-based therapeutic interventions driven by high quality software programs to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease. To qualify as a Digital therapeutic company, the venture should publish trial results inclusive of clinically meaningful outcomes in peer-reviewed journals. (Adapted From Wikipedia)


Digital Therapeutics programs – partners to manage people with Diabetes in the COVID times


  1. Personalised lifestyle therapies for glycemic control and immunity: People with Diabetes who are on the Diabefly program show a massive improvement in their glycemic control with more than 1 point reduction in their HbA1c. 85% of the people achieve better blood sugar control and 30% even cut down their medications. We achieve this with an in-depth analysis of how an individual’s blood sugars respond to food, exercise, stress and sleep with the help of a CGMS sensor or with scheduled glucometer readings.


  1. Outcome focus: To qualify as a DTx program,  digital therapies need to have proven outcomes published in peer-reviewed journals and publications. At Diabefly, we value patient outcomes more than any other metric in the company and all the teams work collaboratively to achieve the health goals set at the beginning of the program. We are also continuously improving our outcome-focussed, proprietary DTx engine to personalise therapies at levels which affect results.


  1. Precision nutrition: While taking care of the macronutrient ratios has a huge function in glycemic control, our data shows that almost 60% of people with diabetes are deficient in one or more micronutrients which are required for keeping blood sugars in check. The Diabefly program is one of the pioneer programs which can help you understand your daily micronutrient intake. Once this is understood, the Diabefly coaches work towards improving micronutrients important for immunity and health via dietary modifications based on extensive research and scientific studies.


  1. Multidisciplinary approach: Good glycemic control is the outcome of a perfectly coordinated multidisciplinary approach. Psychotherapy and physiotherapy take care of reducing insulin resistance, stress hormone levels and ensure high motivation in the patients to stick to their new healthy lifestyles. 


  1. Focus on sustainable behaviour change: One of the aims of our Program is to educate the client to become fully aware of their health and what all factors lead to rise and fall of blood sugar levels. Once they understand this and start appreciating the results they achieve by following the coaches’ instructions, healthy habits become second nature to them. We have a 95% engagement rate and more than 90% patients complete the programs, leading to great outcomes and sustained behaviour change.


True partnership with Doctors


We believe that our therapies complement medical treatment and prescriptions. Our co-founder and CEO, Dr Arbinder Singal, being a super specialist surgeon himself, understands the challenges faced by doctors while trusting digital partners and has actively worked to alleviate them. We provide regular patient progress reports which help doctors make more informed treatment decisions. We are also committed to uphold the data privacy laws strictly as per the laws.


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