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Medanta Inaugurate 1000 Bed Hospital in Lucknow

Q1. Congratulations for an excellent 2019, please let us know your key achievements in 2019? Medanta completed a decade of providing the best healthcare in 2019. We also launched Medanta at Luckow. Medanta Lucknow, the city’s

Q1. Congratulations for an excellent 2019, please let us know your key achievements in 2019?

Medanta completed a decade of providing the best healthcare in 2019. We also launched Medanta at Luckow. Medanta Lucknow, the city’s most reputed multi super-specialty hospital, has appointed Dr. Rakesh Kapoor as the Medical Director – Medanta Lucknow and Director – Division of Urology & Kidney Transplant. Dr Kapoor’s comprehensive medical and administrative expertise will be instrumental to the delivery of the highest quality patient care to the citizens of Uttar Pradesh. As you know Medanta continually fosters cohort-driven, multi-disciplinary approach to treatment, inspiring new ideas and translating scientific advances into industry best practices. It’s outstanding pool of doctors include some of the most experienced and respected experts including Dr. Ram Kirti Saran, Director – Clinical & Preventive Cardiology, Dr. Gauranga Majumdar, Director – Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, Dr. Chandra Kant Pandey, Director – General Anaesthesia, Dr. Anoop Kumar Thacker, Director – Neurology, Dr Raj Kumar Sharma, Director – Nephrology and Kidney Transplant, Dr Dharmendra Singh, Director – Bone and Joint, Dr Alok Gupta, Associate Director – Medical Oncology and Dr Amish Chaudhary, Associated Director – Breast & Gynae Oncology among others. Medanta Lucknow is actively contributing to advancements in medical science, staying true to the high ideals of care, compassion, and commitment.

Another highlight was our continuation of commitment to make India TB free, Mission TB free Haryana, a flagship initiative of Medanta (www.medanta.org), in collaboration with the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union https://www.theunion.org/), Central TB Division of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India and the Government of Haryana today launched ‘’TB Free Block Pataudi’’ to improve the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis in the district. ‘TB Free Block Pataudi’ aims to screen a population of 6 lakh across 142 villages in the Pataudi block over the next 2 years. Volunteers from Medanta along with ASHAs, the grassroots health workers in villages will conduct door-to-door screenings for detecting people who are at potential risk. The ones who screen positive for cough will be invited to attend a camp with X-ray, sputum and geneXpert facilities available at point of care in a mobile van. The diagnosis will be confirmed on the same day and the results will be available on a unique mobile application which has been developed in-house by Medanta.


Q2. Key challenges to overcome in 2020?

As the world changes, we face a double burden of disease with new health threats. Disaggregating prevailing morbidity and mortality patterns exhibits our social gradients for health outcomes and the use of health systems. The healthcare needs are becoming a double burden: communicable as well as non-communicable. We see a greater shift towards treating chronic and non-communicable diseases, increasing access to healthcare with the actualization of Ayushman Bharat. A greater accent on addressing the skill gap.  Greater adoption of techonology, predictive healthcare, and best healthcare practices.


Q3. Message for Healthcare Industry Stakeholders?

Doctors are at the fulcrum of society. Custodians of health and well-being, they enable countries to function and self-actualize. More than mere caregivers, doctors are catalysts of life and the realization of its goals. They are an essential, fundamental vector of health, which in turn, enables and enhances every measure of human endeavor and progress, from economics to politics and social order. Therefore the entire civilizational construct has doctors at its core.

Rapid and exponential change in every sphere of contemporary life is defining healthcare as well. And with it, our definitions of the medical profession, which must not only remain relevant in expertise and practice, but actually stay ahead of the curve. Besides nurturing a mature and innovative pharmaceutical industry, India produces a very large number of doctors, nurses, medical technicians. Their potential on the global healthcare landscape is immense. And the only self-discipline and key differentiator they must abide by, is formation of excellence as habit.


Q4.Would Medanta Lucknow set the example for new model of affordable, accessible and available healthcare for common man?

Medanta Lucknow offers end-to-end world-class affordable healthcare. With the best doctors, best practices, cutting edge technology and best infrastructure. It has brought super specialty tertiary health services to UP which are accessible and offer a range of services. It is a model of excellence.


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