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Medical & Healthcare Leaders Advise on Corona Virus

Increasing immunity during the times of Corona virus 'In the wake of nCOVID19 crisis, which is a WHO declared a pandemic, assuming global proportions, it has become all the more significant to keep a strong immune

Increasing immunity during the times of Corona virus

In the wake of nCOVID19 crisis, which is a WHO declared a pandemic, assuming global proportions, it has become all the more significant to keep a strong immune system. While children and elderly people have been termed most vulnerable, it is anyone having a weak immune system, who are most susceptible to this infection. In a situation like this, a standardized phytochemical extract could be your best option to boost immunity. Glutathione and Vitamin C is the best available duo to fight viral attack and potent immunity boosters. Glutathione & Vitamin C together have a synergetic effect – Glutathione helps regenerate lost Vitamin C molecule and GSH which is the first line of defence against viral or bacterial attack, which is pushed into white blood cells by Vitamin C thereby boosting immunity. As a master antioxidant Glutathione removes oxygen radicals from the body which can harm other cells in the body and cause disease and deterioration. Vitamin C is also another antioxidant and the combined efforts can act as a defensive agent against xenobiotics such as pollutants, drugs and viruses!’

‘The novel Coronavirus seems to affect any age group. However, anyone having a weak immune system is more susceptible to the serious symptoms of the infection. Hence, building a strong immunity would certainly help mitigate the ill effects and ensure a quicker recovery. There are several natural foods and herbs that help in boosting the body’s immunity and its overall recovery mechanism. In fact, our gut and its microbiome are the main regulators of immunity. We at Millennium Herbal Care offer a range of 70+, all-natural Phyto-therapy formulations, developed over 60 years of dedicated research, development, and expertise. Each formulation blends ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and modern science and are clinically proven to be highly effective. Our products infused with the goodness of Guduchi and Rasayana herbs, significantly help enhance the count of good bacteria in the gut, thereby improving immunity and overall physiological functioning of the body.’  said, Mr. Chintan Gandhi (Director & CEO), Millennium Herbal Care

Several major hospitals in the national capital, as well as some in other parts of the country, have decided to cancel elective surgeries and reduce OPD (out patients’) timings to ensure there is no community transmission, and doctors can instead focus on the coronavirus outbreak.

  • The Safdarjung Hospital administration, in an order, said, “In view of the outbreak of coronavirus in the country, it has been decided to cancel all elective surgeries in the hospital with immediate effect and until further orders.”  
  • An official order from Randeep Guleria , AIIMS director sent an advisory to the patients through SMS on their registered cell phone number, “In view of the increasing threat of coronavirus infection, you are requested to postpone your appointment at AIIMS if it is not urgent in nature. This is for your safety and good health,” 
  • In addition to this a meeting chaired by Chief secretary and special chief secretary, heath, medical, and family welfare, Government of Telangana on March 16, 2020  said “All the elective surgeries in teaching and specialty hospitals under the control of DME will be postponed from 18th March till 25th March, 2020.

On the Govt.’s directive to defer elective surgeries to let doctors focus on corona cases Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor, Co-Founder, Pristyn Care, said” Pristyn Care absolutely welcomes the Government’s decision to postpone elective surgeries at all Government hospitals to create adequate capacity, of both infrastructure and medical personnel, to treat severe coronavirus cases. We must learn from the surge of coronavirus cases in other affected countries and keep our resources amply ready to deal with it. Social distancing, including advising patients to postpone their elective surgeries, is a must to flatten this exponential growth curve and save India from a situation that countries like Italy, South Korea, Iran, etc. have witnessed.



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