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Medikabazaar offers customized product range for Corporate customers

The latest buzz doing the rounds through digital mediums and word-of-mouth is the resumption of work post-lockdown. The number of cases in India are rising still, but we may see a dip in the near

The latest buzz doing the rounds through digital mediums and word-of-mouth is the resumption of work post-lockdown. The number of cases in India are rising still, but we may see a dip in the near future. The prospects of partially opening up workplaces, in both cases, seems high. Corporates and other work establishments will be allowed to carry partial operations from their workplaces soon enough.

The risk is high, and so is the fear. However, with no vaccine available and human livelihoods are at stake so we have no other option but to go with the adage; life must go on. Offices have started opening up and companies in the healthcare space are doing everything in their areas of core competence to ensure safety is not compromised as the world returns to normal. Medikabazaar has curated a comprehensive catalogue of essential COVID products which workplaces must possess if they are to create a safe and functioning working environment for its employees. The best minds at Medikabazaar came together to put an exhaustive list of products which include, but are not limited to: a contactless digital infrared thermometer, automatic sanitisation tunnels, Medikabazaar exclusive products like MedScan, an automated hand-sanitiser-cum-IR thermometer, MedSmart, a temperature sensor mask & respirator. The usual sanitizers and disinfectants are always present, to provide a one-stop solution for corporates, industrial establishments, warehouses, local workplaces and the like. You can visit the microsite here: https://www.medikabazaar.com/corporate. These highly advanced scanning tools and other protective products hopefully safeguard workforces against health risks prevent its spread by identifying the carrier as well as eliminating present hazards.

Improvisation is the name of the game, and while that may sound a casually cool statement, it also underpins one important message: that we are committed to bring whatever is required to the table in the need of the hour. Workplaces need our expertise to be able to make informed decisions regarding the products they should possess as part of post-lockdown must-haves to ensure the safety of health and life, and we make sure we provide that as the top priority. 

We have created a product catalogue designed specifically for business establishments to enable workplaces to reopen and operate safely post lockdown, minimizing all health risks for employees. Continuing with our previous solution, we decided to create an additional proposition dedicated to finding out the exact requirement of each particular workplace. The Interactive COVID Requirement Calculator is a simple tool to assist you in calculating the right stock required for your particular workplace. All you need to do is enter basic details like the number of office entrances and cabin spaces you have, office and cafeteria area, etc. and the calculator will specify the optimum quantity of each product you must stock.

One more specific challenge we noticed was the prevalence of sub-standard PPE Kits in the market. We introduced special Medikabazaar branded PPE Kits so doctors and other frontline heroes can be safe and concentrate on their jobs. 

Along with the customised product catalogue, we have also offered two interesting concepts to gather a larger participation from Corporate World in this fight against the pandemic.

  1. Promote Mask Usage through Customized face cover with the brand logo: We have given the Corporate customers an option to order customized face cover with their Corporate Logo which they can give to the employees, customers and other stakeholders with their brand imprinted face covers.
  2. Donate/ Gift COVID Products to our Heroes: As part of your Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate customers can gift essential products to our Healthcare Warriors. Medikabazaar takes the responsibility of fulfilling the orders on behalf of Corporates.

These initiatives have got a very positive response from Corporate fraternity as we have been partnering with them in promoting employee protection, workplace safety, spreading awareness and helping the people with quality protective gear in the healthcare fraternity. We don’t know when this crisis will end, but we will make sure until this virus is amongst us and even post that, you’re geared up well to face the new world. Medikabazaar was, and will remain committed to providing solutions in the Indian healthcare space.


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