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Women, the nourishing powers of the universe

Empowering Women on International Women’s Day – 8th March 2019 Ph. D Scholar CA (Dr.) Ruchi Gupta, after founded the online portal 3hcare.in has acted as a bridge that has been minimizing the gap between patients and diagnostic industry.

Empowering Women on International Women’s Day – 8th March 2019

Ph. D Scholar CA (Dr.) Ruchi Gupta, after founded the online portal 3hcare.in has acted as a bridge that has been minimizing the gap between patients and diagnostic industry. After being immersed in the field of teaching, Dr Ruchi seeking public welfare and interest, triggered up an idea to found a start up.  In quest of proper and efficient healthcare facility, the leading online healthcare portal (as of today) has lived upto its vision and continues to do so. Dr. Ruchi Gupta has work experience in the field of education, teaching both graduate and post-graduate students of Business and Finance Management. She has a doctorate in Risk Management, a fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and MBA from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIP) along with CA after her graduation.

From nothing to the “3H care”

Since inception, the journey of establishing 3hcare.in has been a herculean task. With major complications associated with convincing a team was a serious challenge. But with the hard work, dedication and the curiosity to make avail the best in class services to the common public, She along with her team had taken the portal to get the first round of angel funding within 11 months of its inception. Associated with only 10 diagnostic centres during the first month, online portal grew upto being associated with the major 180 diagnostic centres within 6 months. Rendering quality care services, the team has seen a drastic increase in the number of patients opting for bookings through their portal. Availing discounts, getting home sample collection facility and timely reports have made this portal one of the favourites of the patients.

With such achievements in the early days, the portal was already set to launch bigger, which they achieved during receiving the second round of funding of USD 1 Million soon after their 1st funding. Seeking the growth and services provided by 3hcare.in, investors are ready to fund them for the future as well. The portal is all set to launch their further verticals after establishing themselves in the diagnostic industry. Currently, the portal is highly associated with over 400 diagnostics throughout India with over 20000 centres for patients to choose. Plan my surgery vertical is one of the most awaited by patients that will allow them to book, seek advice and plan surgeries both financially and medically.

The Beginning of New Idea

Being from a teaching background, Dr Ruchi always showed interest in becoming a lecturer. In pursuit of her dreams, she became a mentor to many management students, then is where she noticed health complications and issues that common public notice while any ailment. The idea of starting  such a useful portal peeped in only when one of her relatives suffering from dengue were denied of getting a bed in a private hospital which led to severe depletion of his platelet count. While his condition worsened, she used all of her recommendations to treat him as even the diagnostics were nowhere close to the locality.   bed that

One of her relatives were suffering from Dengue and needed immediate admission in the hospital but they denied due to the shortage of beds . She was terrified and realized that healthcare sector is still lacking for various facilities and she didn’t have time to search for another hospital.  But byreference of a doctor helped her and the patient got admitted. The problems don’t end here, the hospital admin staff asked her to get the patient’s platelets tested as there were no facilities available at the time. This was another challenge in her bag. There was less time to locate a diagnostic lab and get the tests done for further treatment. Once again, the reference helped her in regular testing and treatment.

This was the time when she thought of improving the current scenario of healthcare services and making it transparent, public friendly and ease in tracking diagnostic labs. She realized there were massive differences in prices when she was referred by someone to a diagnostic lab.  She thought of what can be done to make this price friendly and easily available. This was starting to a new idea generation. But the journey had just started, she knew there would be several hurdles in the path.  She got an idea of starting a web portal with tying up of various diagnostic labs. With this, she wanted to make all tests easy available and transparent.   She shared the idea with approximately 300 people and at last 4 sources were agreed with her idea. Dr. Rajinder Singh accepted the idea who belongs to the same field because he was familiar with healthcare and diagnostic services.

Initially, the website was under construction so it was a huge challenge to convince the diagnostic labs from the country. After a few months,  they managed to bring overall 180 centres. So far portal managed to bring around 300 centres and several other verticals were still to be added.


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