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World Health Day: Expert’s views from the healthcare sector

April 7th World Health day is aimed to create awareness of a specific health theme to highlight a priority area of concern for the World Health Organization. Healthcare is not just confined to physical health,

April 7th World Health day is aimed to create awareness of a specific health theme to highlight a priority area of concern for the World Health Organization. Healthcare is not just confined to physical health, there are various other issues that has to be brought to light like mental health, maternal and child care, and climate change. The day is marked by the activities, which serves as an opportunity to focus worldwide attention on these important aspects of global health.

Quotes from the experts:

Varun Babbar, MD, Qlik India

Digital technology has transformed countless sectors in the last couple of decades. It has embarked a key role in the growth and advancement of the healthcare sector as well. Technological innovations have brought sustainable healthcare systems, equalized the relationship between healthcare providers and patients. It continues to foster accessible, faster, cheaper and effective solutions for diseases. Hospitals are gearing up to leverage data visualization to maximize their medical efficiencies and also to present accurate health-related findings. Visualizing health data is an effective way to share crucial health information quickly.

We thrive in an era of value-based care, therefore there is a growing pressure of balancing accurate patient outcomes with a healthier bottom line. By combining all the relevant data and making it easier to explore, Qlik delivers valuable insights that help healthcare providers to navigate the complex balance and make quick and smarter health-analytical reports.


Dr. Harish Pillai, CEO – Aster India, Aster DM Healthcare

This year World Health Day comes at a very crucial time, we are in the midst of the second wave of the pandemic and our vaccination drive is still picking pace. My message today to everyone is we need to step up and do our bit to stop the virus, by following all COVID precautions and all eligible for vaccination to come forward and get vaccinated. We at Aster hospitals believe in celebrating every day as World Health Day and are committed to providing equitable and accessible healthcare to everyone. In the end, I also want to acknowledge the Doctors, Nurses & Paramedics of the world, who are working day & night to keep us safe. Thank you, we stand with you and we count on you.


Dr. Anup Warrier, Senior Consultant Infectious Diseases, Aster Medcity, Kochi

The COVID-19 pandemic has conclusively proven that the health of its citizens is crucial to a country for sustaining its economy, this has highlighted the need for health infrastructure development. The fact that it is the common man that drives economic growth and that unless a nation promotes and sustains the health of the common man, it cannot have a vibrant and growing economy, was evident during the pandemic. Thus, the WHO’s call for equity in health access is all the more relevant in these times.

Healthcare workers have been touted as “heroes” during this COVID-19 crisis; while for most of us, it was just the only way we know how to live and work. In terms of healthcare access, the private healthcare sector has had a major role – either by own volition or through governmental regulations. This included participation in the COVID-19 vaccination drive. The planning and implementation of the world’s largest vaccination drive were indeed laudable.


Dr. Alok Roy – Chair FICCI Health Services Committee & Chairman Medica Group of Hospitals

If the year 2020 was appalling because of the pandemic, then beginning April 2021 the skewed graph of rising number of patients in the second wave is a ruthless reminder that it is far from being over yet. In the last one year, the perception about healthcare workers and need for augmented focus towards investment in healthcare has underlined the need for affordable and accessible care. We must all consider that health is not a privilege it is a basic right! It is up to us, how we can make a difference in the lives of the needy. The theme for World Health Day 2021 is dedicated to ‘Building a Fairer, Healthier World for Everyone’ the World Health Organization (WHO) calls for urgent action to eliminate health inequities and mobilize action to attain better health for all and leave no one behind. As caregivers it should be our commitment to support communities by ensuring better yet accessible care without any biases where every human is treated with equal respect and attended with the finest panacea possible. The COVID-19 pandemic has had grave consequences for people already experiencing inequities. We must take forward the learnings forward that this pandemic has taught us. The yawning gap in addressing the root cause of depleting resources in primary healthcare is a primaeval concern and needs to be constrained to change the narrative. It is time to embrace every populace across the planet to ensure their well-being and achieve equity in healthcare otherwise mankind is not equipped to withstand another pandemic in the long run. Healthcare must be for all and take into cognizance every citizen of this planet.


Dr. Shivani Sharma, Lab Director, CORE Diagnostics.

The last year has been an incredibly challenging year for all of us. Industries across the board have struggled under the pressure of COVID -19, and healthcare has been no such exception. Across society, the impact has been harshest on those communities which were already vulnerable, who are more exposed to the disease & less likely to have access to quality health care services.

The global pandemic highlighted the need for drastic improvement in healthcare infrastructure, not only to meet any unexpected circumstances like we faced and but also to ensure universal health coverage in the future. For a populous country like India, primary healthcare is the most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve universal health coverage.

With time and continued efforts, it is possible for us to build a fairer and healthier world – as the World Health Organization outlines. Infact, at CORE Diagnostics, this is in line with our goal to improve affordability, availability, and accessibility of quality diagnostics to everyone.


Amol Naikawadi, JMD, and Preventive Healthcare Specialist Indus Health Plus

Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are prevalent in India. These diseases tend to impact people in the most productive years of their lives and result in social and economic consequences. Another important aspect is that comorbid conditions like diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases are high-risk conditions for COVID-19 and hence proper management to keep them in control are vital especially in this situation.


Abdul Majeed, Chairman, Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division)

This World Health Day, we wish to remind everybody that everything can wait but health can’t wait. We realize the importance of good health when we fall ill or see someone in precarious condition. This day acts as a wake-up call for those who have been neglecting their own health. To spread the message of good health and wellness, we are celebrating World Health Week at our Hamdard Wellness Centres, by offering free consultancy at Hamdard Wellness Centres on 7th April centers across the country.


Suman Varma, Chief Marketing Officer, Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division)

In such unexpected circumstances, it is imperative for individuals to understand the importance of building a strong immune system and maintain a healthy body. Our campaign encourages consumers to step up for the betterment of their own health. We are living by our commitment to make India a healthy nation. We are excited to have partnered with Radio Mirchi to spotlight the need for action for our health. It’s time we don’t let Sehat wait for us.


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