World Heart Day 29 Sep

World Heart Day 29 Sep

Mr. Anuj Gulati, MD & CEO, Religare Health Insurance

Globally, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) have become one of the leading causes for mortality & impaired life. This trend is also being seen in India where the growing incidence of heart diseases is affecting a major proportion of the population, across the urban and rural demographic. Obesity, sedentary lifestyle and lack of healthy nutrition especially in the low-income strata, has been linked to the rise in CVDs. The cost of treating cardio-vascular diseases is high enough to take a toll on the financial status of an average Indian. It is estimated that every year lakhs of people become impecunious due to out of pocket healthcare expenses. This is why the role of health insurance is critical today to make crucial treatments available at affordable costs. This World Heart Day, it is important to pledge to live a healthier life, and also to prepare for any health adversity by securing yourself financially

Revolution and Evolution: Emerging Trends in Cardiovascular Health Management

Dr. Ajay Kaul, Chairman& HOD, Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery (CTVS), BLK Super Speciality Hospital, is giving us various new trends in Cardio health management

India is heading towards becoming the Heart Disease Capital of the World. Heart diseases are contributing the major cause for the increase in mortality rate in India. Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) take the lives of 17.7 million people every year, 31% of all global deaths, according to WHO report. The World Heart Day is observed to make people realize the risk of cardiac diseases and to aware society about the increasing risk factors for various cardiovascular diseases and how can they be prevented or treated.

The awareness initiative of the World Heart Federation is being observed on September 29 this year and the people across the world takes pledge to make 2019 the year of cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention with focus on healthier lifestyle.

With the increased heart disease rate in India, the treatment methods for better management of cardiovascular diseases need high end surgeries and procedures. And from past few years there has been a revolution seen in the management and treatment of heart diseases. Constantly the focus of the improvement in the techniques and technologies in the field of cardiac treatment has made cardiac surgery safe, minimally invasive and cost-effective. Major advances have occurred in the fields of off-pump surgery, video assisted surgery, surgical treatment for heart failure, robotic surgery and artificial hearts and prostheses.


Dr. Dilip Kumar Cardio Consultant (Interventional) & Electrophysiologist, Medica Superspecialty Hospital

Detailed research has proved that heart diseases are mainly caused due to a sedentary lifestyle, stress, and poor food habit. These factors are leading to rising instances of heart diseases among the youth. To even fathom the fact that this ailment is claiming around 17.3 million lives each year the numbers continue to escalate. This can be one of the main factors behind death and disability of Indian youth by 2020. In the Eastern region too, there has been a significant rise in such cases. The average age of heart patients are coming down; it is expected that within the next decade around 20% of Indian population mainly in their most productive years will be affected. In the US, the average age is 60 years whereas in India the same is 50 years. Stress-free life, healthy diet, and physical activities can keep the heart healthy.

A healthy heart enables you to achieve the maximum physical fitness and thus helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle. So, please do not take any central chest pain lightly as it can be a sign of a heart problem and especially during a heart attack, treatment delayed is treatment denied, opines Dr. Dilip Kumar Cardio Consultant (Interventional) & Electrophysiologist, Medica Superspecialty Hospital.

Show care and spread awareness this World Heart Day

Dr. Pradeep Kumar D, Consultant – Interventional Cardiology, Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore

World Heart Day on September 29 aims to combat the rising number of people with cardiovascular disease (CVD), by promoting the importance of living a heart-healthy lifestyle. The theme this year ‘My Heart, Your Heart,’ posed the question “What can I do right now to look after my heart and your heart?” for all stakeholders to walk the talk. The main call to action for this year’s campaign is to make a promise.

Cardiovascular diseases are a collective of various kinds of heart ailments, stroke and diseases of blood vessels. However coronary artery disease, also called ischemic heart disease – symptomised by the hardening of arteries – and strokes account for most deaths. It was presumed that ischemic heart disease and stroke afflicted only affluent people and it was thought that Indians would not bear the brunt. However it has been seen that India has a very high incidence of ischaemic heart disease. This is because of modernization with reduced physical activity, increased consumption of high calorie and refined food and genetic predisposition to develop heart disease. Indian patients are affected at a younger age and develop severe blockages. This disease affects people during a productive period in their lives and causes a great social and economic burden.

On world heart day the emphasis is on preventing heart and stroke in the population. Various awareness camps and preventive health checks are done. Prevention of heart disease can be done by:

1)     Regular Physical activities – at least 30-45 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity everyday.
2)     Evaluating cholesterol levels and taking remedial measures through lifestyle changes and medication
3)     Strict control of hypertension and diabetes.
4)     Achieving ideal body weight
5)     Smoking Cessation.
6)     Consuming foods high in whole grain, protein, fruits and vegetables and low in fat and refined food.

Incorporate heart-healthy habits into your lifestyle and you may well enjoy a healthier life for years to come.

Ayurveda places the heart at the centre of different physical and spiritual principles

Dr Partap Chauhan, Director, Jiva Ayurveda

Ayurveda places the heart at the centre of different physical and spiritual principles. For instance, the heart is considered central in Marma therapy. Similarly, the Anahata Chakra which resides in the heart is at the centre of all seven chakras. Ojas, the essence of energy and immunity is also located in the heart.

Ayurveda considers the heart to be the seat of spirit and emotions. So, for a healthy heart, you need both emotions (bhava) and the spirit (prana) to be healthy, and here is what Ayurveda recommends.

In Ayurvedic terms, when you are emotional, your mind is either in the state of Rajas (passion, anger, attachment, desire, etc.) or Tamas (moody, jealous, guilt, shame, embarrassment, etc.), and neither of these states is healthy. Health blossoms when your mind is in the state of Sattva and you experience joy, serenity, cheerfulness and euphoria. Now, how do you attain Sattva? The simple answer is ‘slow down’, ground yourself with reality and take a moment to introspect.

Ayurveda considers two things very important to maintain health – strong Agni (digestion) and absence of Ama (toxins). If you want to reduce Ama, the food you eat to nourish your body is equally important.

Mild exercises keep your heart strong and promote good metabolism. Just brisk-walking for 20-30 minutes every day will burn calories, reduce cholesterol and flush toxins. Also, when you exercise or practise yoga on a regular basis, you no longer feel the urge to satisfy your addictions.

Dr. Sanjay Bhat, Consultant – Interventional Cardiology, Aster CMI Hospital

World Heart Day, celebrated every year on September 29, spreads awareness about cardiovascular disease and highlights the actions that individuals can take to prevent and control CVD. Roughly a third of all deaths around the world are the result of heart disease and stroke, making cardiovascular disease the number one killer globally. Many of these people have been exposed to unhealthy behaviours including tobacco use, unhealthy diet, inadequate physical activity and harmful use of alcohol etc. However, cardiovascular diseases are preventable to a considerable extent, provided the right things are done in the right way at the right time. Many lives can be saved by regular check ups for high blood pressure (responsible for the bulk of heart disease-related deaths annually), high blood cholesterol and other conditions that raise the risk for heart disease and stroke. Lack of physical activity is a major risk factor for the development of many diseases.

Taking a comprehensive approach to address the cardiovascular disease burden is the need of the hour. It is also very important to advocate life-saving techniques to prevent heart failure like CPR for revival after a sudden cardiac arrest. Conducting CVD awareness programmes and counselling sessions are also required to a greater extent to raise awareness. Governments and Ministries of Health must accurately understand the scale of the problem by investing in surveillance and monitoring of cardiovascular disease. By making just a few small changes to our lives, we can reduce our risk of heart disease and stroke, as well as improving our quality of life and setting a good example for the next generation. There is no-shortcut to a healthy heart. We should spread the word that a healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy heart.




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