World Hypertension Day

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World Hypertension Day
  • Dr Manish Banker, Medical Director, NOVA IVI Fertility

Hypertension, often called ‘the silent killer’, has become one of the most common ailments in today’s fast paced world. Hypertension (HTN) or high blood pressure is a chronic medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries (blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart) is elevated. Today, increasing number of teenagers and young adults suffer from hypertension, with one of five adults being reported with high blood pressure (Source : Cardiological Society of India (CSI))given the contemporary lifestyle, food habits and socio-economic environmental conditions which have led to an early onset of the condition.

Hypertension is also known to be one of the leading causes of cardio-vascular diseases such as strokes, heart attacks, chronic kidney diseases as well as fertility health in couples within their reproductive age. However, the impact of hypertension on fertility health lacks awareness. In itself, hypertension does not affect the quality, supply or health of eggs and embryos, but it is sometimes an indicator of other conditions that do affect fertility. Prime among these is PCOS which is frequently associated with hypertension and with infertility. So for a woman with hypertension seeking to get pregnant, a check-up for PCOS may be warranted. Other causes of high blood pressure like obesity and smoking are also implicated in infertility as improper control of blood pressure can create complications during pregnancy.

In the case of men, hypertension also seems to play a role in infertility. There are clear indications that some anti-hypertensives and impaired semen parameters are linked, while there are also studies that show hypertension itself affecting semen quality.  This makes it difficult to discern whether it is the condition or the medication that affects fertility.

This World Hypertension Day, we would like to create awareness and apprise every couple planning to have child that  a happy mind and a relaxed body is the key to a successful pregnancy, be it naturally conceived or through IVF. The success rate for the treatment of any physical ailment is significantly better when one is free from tensions of any sort. We would like to advise all couples seeking treatment to beware of their limitations, consult doctors regularly, seek counseling and therapy when needed, maintain a healthy lifestyle and most importantly, support each other emotionally.

At Nova IVI Fertility, we believe that a patient’s mental state plays a significant role in his/her IVF journey, hence, our team of counsellors ensure that the couples get the required assistance to deal with any emotional challenge that they might face while undergoing treatment. We also have our own support group titled as ‘The Circle of Hope’. Participating patients / speakers share their journey and discuss their challenges and outcomes. This initiative helps couples navigate through their IVF journey, irrespective of it being hard or easy.

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