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Ms. Chandra Ganjoo, Executive Director & Group CEO, Trivitron Healthcare

Chandra Ganjoo, is the Executive Director & Group Chief Executive Officer (Group CEO) of the leading global healthcare organization, Trivitron Healthcare. She has been a pillar of strength to Trivitron handling several roles starting from Sales, Marketing,

Chandra Ganjoo, is the Executive Director & Group Chief Executive Officer (Group CEO) of the leading
global healthcare organization, Trivitron Healthcare. She has been a pillar of strength to Trivitron
handling several roles starting from Sales, Marketing, Branding & Corporate Communication, Cost
Controller, Human Resources Management, &
many more, right from 1999. She has grown in
stature, especially over the last 5 years, when
Trivitron transformed from being a
predominantly trading & distribution company
to a global R&D and Manufacturing MNC by
displaying extraordinary compassionate people
management skills, hard work, and compliance
to processes and commitment.
Chandra has significant exposure to a wide
range of expertise including handling
international joint ventures, brand & marketing,
change management, and strategic
development initiatives. She has been
supporting Trivitron with various initiatives to
achieve the corporate vision and create an edge
over the competition in the Medical technology
industry. She has a Master’s Degree in Business
Management & International Marketing from
the Ukrainian Finnish Institute of Management.
She played a key role in setting up a team of robust and highly qualified professionals across the
company and supported Marketing, Engineering, Commercial, and Manufacturing operations in
Trivitron Group of Companies. Before joining Trivitron, Chandra had worked with Group 4 Securitas
before shifting her domain to Healthcare Industry.
Her journey at Trivitron for the past 23 years has been extremely exciting and satisfying due to the
relentless contributions, passion, and commitment towards Trivitron and healthcare sector, despite
several hurdles and challenges.
Awarded Numerous Healthcare Awards
Chandra’s strong proficiency in Global Healthcare Sector enables her to offer strategic support to the
organization and she has been responsible for developing and executing a various strategies to
position Trivitron as one of the most preferred companies for medtech solutions by healthcare
professionals. It’s under her leadership that Trivitron has been awarded numerous Healthcare awards.

People, Process, and Performance
She has been a key driver to implement the 3 P’s Strategy for the organization, which covers People,
Process & Performance, and has been Instrumental in increasing Trivitron’s global footprint, through
many organic & inorganic growth strategy initiatives.
Great Place to Work-Certified
Trivitron Healthcare is a Great Place to Work – Certified, and this reflects the evolving working culture
and the unfathomable commitment of the employees. Trivitron ‘Speak the Language of Care’ and this
unique culture and commitment to revolutionizing the healthcare scenario help Trivitron deliver the
Diversity and Inclusion
Hiring in Trivitron plays a vital role when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion. Chandra values the
potential and talent of an individual based on their skill set, calibre & performance. The company
welcomes fresher as their fresh and innovative minds can do wonders. People are hired from different
backgrounds and experiences that help bring workplace diversity and promote overall growth. With
Trivitron’s robust practices, employee attains their highest potential, making Trivitron a ‘Great Place
To Work’.
Research & Aid during COVID-19
During the pandemic, Trivitron Healthcare launched Made In India COVID-19 Kits, High-quality lowcost ventilators, and launched 20 COVID-19 RT PCR labs including mobile labs to help India fight the
pandemic with self-sufficiency. The employees were also provided with free vaccination and COVID19 leaves to ensure their good health.
Made in India
The set-up of indigenous manufacturing facilities makes an impact on the Indian healthcare system
and preventive care by reducing the high dependence on imports for addressing domestic demand.
Indigenous manufacturing of world-class equipment by Trivitron gave Indian healthcare practitioners
access to the latest technology at reduced costs. Trivitron has become a pioneering Medical
technology company, that offers health professionals, healthcare set-ups, laboratories, and smallscale industries affordable support ranging from equipment, and machinery, to reagents and
chemicals, for over 20 medical specialties throughout the world. Trivitron Healthcare also provides
effective customer support, which deals in after-sales services and other post-marketing activities.
CSR Initiatives
‘Literacy & Knowledge can transform the Future’ and Trivitron CSR Initiative ‘Pankh’ has helped to give
wings to the dreams of many ambitious students by supporting them to fulfill their dreams with quality
education by providing scholarships and necessary support.

Bringing Healthcare Revolution
The journey of Trivitron Healthcare as a medical technology company providing affordable healthcare
solutions weaves a fascinating thread of inspiration to many healthcare providers. Having a solid
expertise in research and development, Trivitron manufactures and distributes exceptional medical
technology products to 180 countries. With 15 certified manufacturing facilities in India, USA, Finland,
Turkey & China; Trivitron spearheads innovation in the fields of COVID-19 Products, In-Vitro
Diagnostics, Imaging & Radiology, Radiation Protection, Newborn Screening, Critical Care and
Operating Room Solutions, thus, engraving its name as a holistic healthcare provider.


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